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I'll Always Be There For You (Bluekenzie) by StoryBringer
I'll Always Be There For You ( NRV
Mackenzie and Bluey have grown by each other's side, and Mackenzie wants to help Bluey in her troubling circumstances.
The Heelers And The Human by Evan_Chow
The Heelers And The Humanby EV∀N_Ciao
A (15) year old boy was living normally but one day he found himself in a world with bipedal talking dogs and one family found him and took him in their home now he has...
Bluey's Kaleidoscope (Reader-Insert) by Midnight-Drawing77
Bluey's Kaleidoscope ( Μπλερ
Who would've thought that the Heeler's would adopt another addition to their family. An older sibling for Bluey and Bingo. You needed a new perspective to bring your col...
Y/N Heeler by littledog321
Y/N Heelerby littledog321
Imagine yourself in the Bluey universe.... But as a cat
Identity (A Bluey Fanfic) by bigblueyfan101
Identity (A Bluey Fanfic)by thesimpingfroglovr
Bluey and you are now in fourth grade! Bluey and her classmates are going to learn about identity, join Bluey as you learn about pride, pronouns and more!
Dying Light Apex | Chapter 1 | An Adult Bluey AU by ABHQ_118
Dying Light Apex | Chapter 1 | ABHQ_118
When Australia collapsed tons of people migrated to the United States. Riots began out of nowhere. But something was different... it wasn't about breed. It wasn't about...
Human in Different World (A Bluey FanFiction) by ShyPotaito
Human in Different World (A TaiTo
An Injured Human was being found in The Creek by a Family of Heeler full of bruises and dirt What are they gonna do? This is my First Time, I just love how funny and wh...
A New Heeler! by StoryBringer
A New Heeler!by NRV
The Heelers adopt a new kid! He is a red kelpy like rusty, and goes by the name of Nick. Tragic has struck the kelpy and now has a new family, this is his story!
Blueys Revenge [NOT FINISHED] by CandyBlueysRevenge
Blueys Revenge [NOT FINISHED]by Candy
Blueys Revenge is a comic basically where bluey goes psycho. I won't spoil too much, anyways. This is the story version, after I'm done with this I'm gonna start working...
The American Exchange Student by EugeneSchunk
The American Exchange Studentby EugeneSchunk
A Jack Russell Terrier from the US visits the Heelers as a foreign exchange student
Growing Up Different by 27quil
Growing Up Differentby Queen Bubblebath
Bingo and Lila are best friends. But as they get older, things start to change. Will their friendship hold? Will ANYONE develop a crush?🤨 I don't know. But lucky you. Y...
♫ ♪ ⏤͟͟͞͞  ⏤𝓘𝓼 𝓘𝓽 𝓓𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷𝔂? ⏤͟͟͞͞  ♪ ♫  • Radley Heeler x Y/N by KaylaJackson125
♫ ♪ ⏤͟͟͞͞ ⏤𝓘𝓼 𝓘𝓽 𝓓𝓮𝓼𝓽𝓲𝓷 🫶Süma🫶
◯☐⏤͟͟͞͞ "Is it Destiny?" You ask yourself subtly. It was extremely complex as you contemplated. Y/N is described as a subtle and mesmerizing character. Her br...
Bluey's Brother by BendySliversream
Bluey's Brotherby Bluey and Friend
Bluey Meet His Long lost older Brother and find the Truth of the Story Bluey and His Brother Good out to Adventure.
The Human And The Heelers by HeelerFan
The Human And The Heelersby HeelerFan
While playing at the park, Bluey and Bingo come across a rather strange creature.
A different world (Undertale X Bluey) by JeremyAaron0
A different world (Undertale X Trait of confusion
After getting killed by the human, Sans wakes up in a world of dogs. Will he handle with this new situation or will the memories block his way of doing so?
I Among Dogs by JackCryo
I Among Dogsby JackCryo
No clue where I am, no memory of how I got here, no sign of my parents and no way to contact anyone for salvation. With only the clothes on my back, it appears I'm forev...
A Bluey and Mackenzie story  by KoolAidMackenzie
A Bluey and Mackenzie story by KoolAidMackenzie
Mackenzie your normal run of the mill kid with excitement with summer rolling around and having the chance to ask out his. Crush Bluey but theirs always ups and downs bl...
Human of the Wild by MaskedDx
Human of the Wildby MaskedDx
In a world where humans and bipedal dogs co-exist. One teenager from Canada named Shane would arrive in Brisbane, becoming the main priority to a family of dogs known as...
Love Prospers (Bluekenzie) by StoryBringer
Love Prospers (Bluekenzie)by NRV
Follow the famous Bluey Heeler in her love story with Mackenzie Collie! All characters are aged up and will be given context in posted chapters!
The Heeler and the Collie  by Blueylover2
The Heeler and the Collie by #Blueyforlife!😁😁😁
As bluey is in high school she starts to explore her feeling's for McKenzie