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Story Of Lanes Sister: Athena || ~Beyblade Burst Sparking OC Story~ by DeltaZakuroWBO
Story Of Lanes Sister: Athena || 🔥Burn🔥
Note: I should mention this is a Sparking AU Story Of Lanes Sister: Athena || ~Beyblade Burst Sparking OC Story~ Athena, a 10 year old girl who happens to be the younger...
The Gloam of the Party by ThatCrazyFuzzball
The Gloam of the Partyby ThatCrazyFuzzball
Yatsuma was invited to a masquerade party and was overjoyed that she could bring a partner to it. Of course, she came to Varuna to invite her to it and dragged her into...
The Knight and the Phoenix  by Kitsunekura2010
The Knight and the Phoenix by Kyūseishu
it's been 5 years since the end of Valt's beyblade journey. His friends all have something they are doing, whether it be having a family, teaching others to beyblade, o...
Lost and Found by Yuki-and-Reiji
Lost and Foundby Yuki-and-Reiji
A collection of my more serious one-shots/ficlets about Yuki [my OC] & Reiji Mizuchi, focusing on recovery, growth, and managing to create your own happiness, as difficu...
Beyblade Burst Season 6 (Fanmade) by Hibiki_Uyiko
Beyblade Burst Season 6 (Fanmade)by Hibiki Uyiko
This story happrns 2 years later after Beyblade Burst Sparking/Superking My OC info: Name: Hibiki Uyiko Age:10 years old Height:4,8 Beyblade:Soul Hestia (Balance Type) L...
The Star Blader by D18thFLORES
The Star Bladerby D18thFLORES
A beyblade burst fanfict starring my OC Sarada Shirou and her adventure with the beyclub towards being the number 1 blader.
bayblade burst Redeye and Vault/Burst by zazzziiiiiii
bayblade burst Redeye and Vault/ zazzziiiiiii
so shu turns into Red eye but when valt finds out he feels Betrayed and then some scientists find him and kidnap him and turn him into BURST he has no memory of bieng Va...
a mcfrikkin Beyblade fanfic by cr0sspoint
a mcfrikkin Beyblade fanficby frog boye
ok listen here folks; I wrote this bad boy back in elementary school. it is absolutely awful and the worst thing I have ever written. please enjoy. this is untouched, un...
•𝐔𝐧𝐭𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐝𝐲• by Saihara_Gomen
•𝐔𝐧𝐭𝐨𝐥𝐝 𝐌𝐞𝐥𝐨𝐝𝐲•by Saihara
In the world of Beyblade, where battles are fierce and emotions run high, there lies an untold story waiting to be discovered. Meet Akito Yamatoga, a young boy with a pa...
Beyblade Burst: Sisu by SpeedySuomi
Beyblade Burst: Sisuby SpeedySuomi
This story focuses on two people, Venni, a boy who's forgotten all about Blading, and Beniko, a girl who loves Blading a lot. How will Venni make friends with this new l...
Beyblade Bullshit Dump by Overhauls_Doormat
Beyblade Bullshit Dumpby William's Bitch
welcome, idk how you found this, but- Basically, I just put random stuff here, like my OCs, dumb little chats and shit, etc thanks for clicking, you'll regret it-
The Rise of the Shadow of the Nebula Vol 1 by Jaden_Ackermann
The Rise of the Shadow of the A_Raven_Whisper
A 12 year old with little memory is found by Hyde at the Dread Tower. He shows him Beyblade. But little did Hyde know a shadow even darker than the world's evilest blade...
Beyblade Burst: Battles Against the World by HeyStarkEagle
Beyblade Burst: Battles Against HeyStarkEagle
A few months have passed since the newly designed Sparking system had been introduced to the Blading World. Though new, many Bladers around the world still prefer using...