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the introvert member  by i_wont_hasitate
the introvert member by Fasiha Rizvi
"I am sure you don't like me, and I am sure I don't care" Takemichi an introvert who want to stay home inside his fluffy blanket But that won't be happening:)...
oh.. a vampire?! | Alltake | mitake | vampire au by Im_a_unknown
oh.. a vampire?! | Alltake | Im_a_unknown
descriptions r my weak point 😃🖐️ human takemichi vampire harem Takemichi age : 18 Others age : 19 - 22
《《《Takemichi 》》》 X ----All---- by Bi-Bitchforever
《《《Takemichi 》》》 X ----All----by Paola Sanchez
Takemichi went back to his past but later found out that he was in his 11 year old body.He still plans to save averyone he cherish and plans to do more on the way.But th...
AllTake | The other personality....  by Xay_n3s
AllTake | The other Sanzu. | Xayne.
This is my first story! Please bear with me as i've never written these kind of stories before ^^' I do not own any characters from Tokyo revengers ! There will be no ya...
Me!? a "Crybaby"?! by MisamiKeisuke01
Me!? a "Crybaby"?!by Tanaka Misami
Takemichi is not a time leaper in this story. Female Takemichi, my first fanfic story [AllTake] [Harem] [GxG] [BxG] If you hate it please don't judge, just leave if you...
What if he's fine? It's my mind that's wrong... by Elly_Edith
What if he's fine? It's my mind Elly_Edith
(and I just let bad thoughts, linger for far too long) Adoration. A look of complete, total adoration and devotion. Takemichi doesn't understand why many of his friends...
[AllTake] đoản nhỏ by KyKy_0803
[AllTake] đoản nhỏby Kỳ Kỳ
Mấy chap truyện nhảm nhỉ của tôi
El Harem del emperador | TakeAll by NicoTony01
El Harem del emperador | TakeAllby - Strange
El imperio Taisyakuten, dirigido por la familia imperial 'Hanagaki', está orgullosa de decir que en su familia paso por el cargo imperial incontables veces, de generació...
I've Always Loved You, So Do You Love Me Too? (Bajikazufuyutake) Oneshot by madpacreb09
I've Always Loved You, So Do You Maddie-The_Multishipper
I've always loved you, so do you love me too? That's been wandering through two boys' minds for a long time. They are a couple but they love their best friends as well...
-you came back-(takeharem) by tanjirouisadorable
-you came back-(takeharem)by tanjirou/takemichi harem is g...
■>the future was nice really it was.....but if takemichi was here it would be nicer<■ ▪=mikey disbanded toman...what!? ▪=▪ izana also disbanded tenjiku and he was...
He Loves Them Too and He Always Will. by madpacreb09
He Loves Them Too and He Always Maddie-The_Multishipper
Come see all of Takemichi's new problems as an adult with three troublemakers and his two children! Only problems could occur from this. Let's just hope nothing bad happ...
The Haitani Brothers by Macayla098
The Haitani Brothersby macayla
What if takemichi wasn't the only child like everyone thought he was instead he had two older brothers and to be more specific the Haitani brothers, who is isn't just cr...
Festivity's by JessieAndfriends
Festivity'sby Jessie And friends
festivals were always Takemitchy's favorite. He's just glad he was able to share his joy with his love.
•|𝐎𝐮𝐫 𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐚|• Fem! TakemichiAuTokyorevengers AllTake Fanfic  by RaidenReiHanachi
•|𝐎𝐮𝐫 𝐋𝐢𝐭𝐭𝐥𝐞 𝐇𝐚𝐧𝐚|• Hanachi
This is an all x takemichi book In this AU Takemichi is a girl and she has 3 overprotective siblings her 2 siblings where known as the Haitani brother will the other one...
Its a long story by Simp4Osamuu
Its a long storyby
This story is about how after takemichi saved baji from being stabbed by kazutora by him being stabbed instead and that formed a weird relationship
☾︎¡¡𝐒𝐨𝐲 𝐮𝐧 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐮𝐛𝐮!!☾︎ 『ᵏᵉⁱᵗᵃᵏᵉ』 by Baji_Takegod112
☾︎¡¡𝐒𝐨𝐲 𝐮𝐧 𝐢𝐧𝐜𝐮𝐛𝐮!!☾︎ 『 Baji_Takegod112
Takemichi siempre ha sido algo cerrado con su vida privada, a sus catorce años solo ha dado a conocer su edad y su apellido. Nadie conoce a sus padres, nadie conoce sus...
Being Stupid by HumbPungryDoor
Being Stupidby Humb Pungry
Word on the street was that Baji had gone soft. Baji/Takemichi
baji x Takemichi by JessieAndfriends
baji x Takemichiby Jessie And friends
Takemichi taking care of her boyfriend's wounds after a fight.
Sick /BajiFuyuTake/ by NielaSheridan01
Sick /BajiFuyuTake/by NielaSheridan01
⚠️All Characters Belongs to Ken Wakui⚠️ Hanagaki Takemichi is well on his death bed as he suffer from a heart cancer. He tried everything that can make him feel fine but...
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She met him at third year middle high school.. From now on I'm your tutor.... - Hanagaki Takemichi For sure mom will be happy if she saw my grade improved - Baji Keisu...