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Hidden in plain sight - maze runner, newt fan fiction  by Grace_mac_
Hidden in plain sight - maze runne...by Mac_writes_
Maze runner - Newt Disclaimer - mild language, rape, grief and anxiety ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Everyone thought Alby was the first in the maze, well what they didn't k...
Leo's Return and the Seven's Reactions by BelsaZ
Leo's Return and the Seven's React...by Ace
This is a short story of how the different heroes reacted to Leo's return. This is my first Percy Jackson fanfic, so I hope everyone likes it. Thanks for reading!
The Fault In Our Stars Sequel by stilinskihudson
The Fault In Our Stars Sequelby stilinskihudson
Twenty days since Augustus Waters, the lanky, blue eyed boy with the crooked smile and a fear of oblivion limped across this earth. Twenty days since I've been called Ha...
If Percy Hadn't Caught Annabeth by welshaphrodite
If Percy Hadn't Caught Annabethby welshaphrodite
What if she had slipped through his fingertips? At the end of Mark of Athena, Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus together. What would of happened if Percy hadn...
The Avenger Meet Percy Jackson by Macy_writing
The Avenger Meet Percy Jacksonby Macy_writing
What Shield sees as a terrorist, we all know to just be someone who's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. But Percy can only hide from them for so long. See wha...
The Fault in Our Stars by clarissa_herondale
The Fault in Our Starsby nicki
Some extra, for all the people who enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. Let me make this clear that this is not the original written by John Green, and this is...
Five Feet Apart one shots. by PJO_Fangirl_13
Five Feet Apart one shots.by PJO_Fangirl_13
Not sure how many there will be but yeah. Will contain spoilers for those who have not read the book or seen the movie. Enjoy.
People Meet Percabeth - One Shots & More by bittersweet_reads
People Meet Percabeth - One Shots...by *yawns*
"You drool when you sleep." "You're cute when your worried." "Never." Um. Hi. Welcome to my book, I guess? Basically it's just your everyda...
Texting With The Demigods by _Luna_Winter_
Texting With The Demigodsby Luna Winter
Texting with Gods, Goddesses, Demi Gods, or maybe even Mortals.
TFIOS quotes from the movie and book by _hayes_nash_grier
TFIOS quotes from the movie and bo...by Grier
Most of the quotes from the movie and book: The Fault In Our Stars by John Green All creds go to Green
Fandoms To The Extreme by Them2Sisters
Fandoms To The Extremeby Them2Sisters
I am just a fangirl. In the fandom world. We have fanfics and it's fantastic. <.< FEELS WARNING: I destroy them. Ask any one of my loyal readers
The Fault In Our Stars // A Sequel by hiddenflaws
The Fault In Our Stars // A Sequelby hiddenflaws
it's been three months since augustus's death but the pain from the loss never wanes; an empty void in hazel's heart nothing ever seems to be able to fill up. then, much...
My Fanartbook by JohannaMason120
My Fanartbookby hannah
Various bits of fanart I've been doing over lockdown. Definitely worth a look! <3
SCHIAMACHY [nico di angelo] by childish-nightmares
SCHIAMACHY [nico di angelo]by childish-nightmares
"I have a sense of melancholy isolation, life rapidly vanishing, all the usual things. It's very strange how often strong feelings don't seem to carry any message o...
Hoo oneshots! by SimpingCurrently
Hoo oneshots!by SimpingCurrently
I take requests! I write for platonic and romantic ships, fanon or canon, oneshot or series. have funnn (ONLY!! FOR!! THE!! SEVEN!!)
The fault in our stars 2: After the fault by tpwkatie
The fault in our stars 2: After th...by tpwkatie
Augustus has died Hazel is a mess she has no idea how she will survive without Gus her cancer has gotten worse what will happen to her will she die will she live find ou...
The Fault In Our Stars (Alternate Ending) by MikhaelaDustin
The Fault In Our Stars (Alternate...by Mikhaela Dustin
What would happen if Hazel Grace died first? How would Gus cope? Would he even be able to cope? What would Gus do in a world without Hazel Grace? This story line is comp...
Little Potter || A Harry Potter's Sister FanFic by xXespressopatronumXx
Little Potter || A Harry Potter's...by Sadie
Hazel Grace Potter. Have you ever heard that name? Well I doubt it. Hi!! My name is Hazel Grace Potter. My older brother is named Harry! Yes Harry, as in Harry James Po...