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Hidden in plain sight - maze runner, newt fan fiction  by Grace_mac_
Hidden in plain sight - maze runne...by Mac_writes_
Maze runner - Newt Disclaimer - mild language, rape, grief and anxiety ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Everyone thought Alby was the first in the maze, well what they didn't k...
The Avenger Meet Percy Jackson by Macy_writing
The Avenger Meet Percy Jacksonby Macy_writing
What Shield sees as a terrorist, we all know to just be someone who's always in the wrong place at the wrong time. But Percy can only hide from them for so long. See wha...
People Meet Percabeth - One Shots & More by bittersweet_reads
People Meet Percabeth - One Shots...by *yawns*
"You drool when you sleep." "You're cute when your worried." "Never." Um. Hi. Welcome to my book, I guess? Basically it's just your everyda...
If Percy Hadn't Caught Annabeth by welshaphrodite
If Percy Hadn't Caught Annabethby welshaphrodite
What if she had slipped through his fingertips? At the end of Mark of Athena, Percy and Annabeth fall into Tartarus together. What would of happened if Percy hadn...
The Fault In Our Stars Sequel by stilinskihudson
The Fault In Our Stars Sequelby stilinskihudson
Twenty days since Augustus Waters, the lanky, blue eyed boy with the crooked smile and a fear of oblivion limped across this earth. Twenty days since I've been called Ha...
My Fanartbook by JohannaMason120
My Fanartbookby I'm with you til the end of t...
Various bits of fanart I've been doing over lockdown. Definitely worth a look! <3
I Have A Gangster Crush (ON GOING) by Mizz_AC
I Have A Gangster Crush (ON GOING)by AC
Kahit na ganito lang ako mataas ang standard ko sa isang lalake pero sabi nga nila mawawala ang ideal boy/girl mo kapag tinamaan ka talaga sa unexpected na tao. Sabi nga...
The Fault in Our Stars Memes and Quotes by hollandblues
The Fault in Our Stars Memes and Q...by cara
Hilarious memes and quotes related to TFIOS for your entertainment and all of you crazy fangirls and/or fanboys. Enjoy! WARNING: A case of the feels is expected along w...
The Fault in Our Stars by clarissa_herondale
The Fault in Our Starsby nicki
Some extra, for all the people who enjoyed The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green. Let me make this clear that this is not the original written by John Green, and this is...
Five Feet Apart one shots. by PJO_Fangirl_13
Five Feet Apart one shots.by PJO_Fangirl_13
Not sure how many there will be but yeah. Will contain spoilers for those who have not read the book or seen the movie. Enjoy.
Texting With The Demigods by _Luna_Winter_
Texting With The Demigodsby Luna Winter
Texting with Gods, Goddesses, Demi Gods, or maybe even Mortals.
Female Acting Monologues by _Reading_Goddess
Female Acting Monologuesby Sav
These are a few of my favorite female acting monologues from movies, TV shows and plays such as... The Fault in our Stars, Mean girls, A thing for nerds etc. (Some of th...
The Fault in our Hearts by Dancer5022
The Fault in our Heartsby Dancer5022
SPOILERS! DON'T READ UNTILL YOU FINISHED TFIOS After Augustus Water's death, Hazel Grace finds life full of sad memories. Hazel and best friend Isaac stick together tryi...
Okay? Okay. by katiee_scarlett
Okay? Okay.by katiee_scarlett
"Okay? Okay." Is a continuation of John Green's "The Fault in Our Stars. It tells what happens to Hazel and Isaac after the book ends!
The Fault in Our Lives (Isaac Love Story) by SabakuNoEyebrows
The Fault in Our Lives (Isaac Love...by Kayla
April Heaney is your average waitress in your average town in Ireland. She's sarcastic, keeps to herself and isn't very adventurous. But when her parents sit her down on...
Percy Jackson Oneshots by sad_nobody
Percy Jackson Oneshotsby Im_nobody
Contains various ships. Requests are taken. No smut. Mostly angst and fluff
My Life/Rants  by MyahsMommy
My Life/Rants by Piper🥀🖤
Depression isn't something to take lightly. Neither is anorexia, self harming, ect. In general. I want you to know that your not alone. Don't ever think that, it makes i...
Fandoms To The Extreme by Them2Sisters
Fandoms To The Extremeby Them2Sisters
I am just a fangirl. In the fandom world. We have fanfics and it's fantastic. <.< FEELS WARNING: I destroy them. Ask any one of my loyal readers
The Fault in Our Stars: Quotes by Gus_waters17
The Fault in Our Stars: Quotesby Augustus Waters :)
Here's what to expect from this book: 1) Favorite quotes on The Fault in our Stars 2) Having the feels with each quote 3) Seeing once again how perfect Gus is :) 4) Wish...