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Survivor { Book 1 } by JustK04
Survivor { Book 1 }by k
Arielle Gilbert is the younger fraternal twin sister of Elena Gilbert, always coming second to her. This is the story of her becoming a first choice to one of the deadli...
Fighter { Book 3 } by JustK04
Fighter { Book 3 }by k
After two months of freedom to live her dreams; Arielle's back to Mystic Falls for a new adventure. This time she's stronger with new friends, new skills and just in tim...
Dreamer { Book 2 } by JustK04
Dreamer { Book 2 }by k
Arielle's in New York to live her dream and experience a new world. Hopefully without any problems and supernatural. Follow her as she conquers her fears and builds her...
Lover { Book 4 } by JustK04
Lover { Book 4 }by k
With the dagger in possession and all The Originals in town, Arielle is in for a new adventure. She has to try and protect everyone while her morals are put to test. Wil...
Gya Gilbert (SLOW UPDATES) by AutumnIsMeh17
Gya Gilbert (SLOW UPDATES)by Autumn
Gya Gilbert, Elena Gilbert twin sister. She is strange. She can see the future, past, and can read minds. She never told anyone because she told her parents and they sai...
The Gilbert Beauty by ChelseaPodwika
The Gilbert Beautyby Chelsea Podwika
This is a story about a Gilbert who isn't Elena. But she is her twin. Read on. You'll get hooked.
ANOTHER GILBERT~𝙺.𝙼~ by thesupernaturalTeen
ANOTHER GILBERT~𝙺.𝙼~by thesupernaturalTeen
Emma Gilbert wasn't a well known Gilbert, as she had left the Gilbert house at a young age, discovering the world of the supernatural. Her father had tried to say and co...