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The Killing Moon ❊ Theodore Nott by cupidsrot
The Killing Moon ❊ Theodore Nottby bre ☆
Girl frightened. Girl destroyed. Girl as a symptom. / Girl in a paroxysm of rage. Girl disappeared in a death-like loss of feeling. / Girl as indescribable evil ━━━ ©cup...
Twilight Saga - New Wolf (JacobXoc) by dutchlatingirl
Twilight Saga - New Wolf (JacobXoc)by Dutchlatingirl
We all know how the Twilight Saga goes. Bella comes to Forks, Washington. Meets and falls in love with Eddie the vampire, vampire and vampire family leave. She turns to...
Lights Out: A Liam Payne FanFiction by 2craycray1Dchicks
Lights Out: A Liam Payne FanFictionby 2craycray1Dchicks
What if half the worlds power went out? What if no one knew why but they knew who can solve it? What if 1/5 out of the biggest boy band in the world falls in love with...
Protection by thatlightskinbabe
Protectionby thatlightskinbabe
Zayn malik and his girlfriend of 4 years, Audrey pettis, have a baby girl, named sophia, they was always happy until someone starts to threat the family and possibly hur...