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Golden Wind: Vento Aureo x Reader by The_Lone_Panther
Golden Wind: Vento Aureo x Readerby Fandubfic_bae
"Do you trust me?" "You can count on me!" "I'll be here for you. " Y/n L/n is a 17 year old teenage living they life in the modern world...
Giorna Giovanna x Male Reader by Victor_TheRiper
Giorna Giovanna x Male Readerby Victor Hernandez
In the year 2001, in the southern city of Italy, Naples, happens to be one of the famous tourist spot to be so beautiful that people say you should see it at least once...
Stand by me (Jjba X Reader) by Glowmoss
Stand by me (Jjba X Reader)by Glowmoss
bite sized stories to read at *looks at time* 4:31 in the morning,mostly x reader
>Other Half< Guido Mista x Reader by Naranciaasupremacy
>Other Half< Guido Mista x Readerby Nara kinnie <3
Y/N L/N gets a new job at a local restaurant when she meets a bizarre group of people. Upon meeting them, she also realizes she's not the only one with unique abilities...
Reincarnated in Italy by JunnaKyushi147
Reincarnated in Italyby Crimson Monochrome
"Where am I?" You are a girl who woke up in some ally way with no recollection of how you got there or any event leading up to it. Your memories are hazy and...
JoJo Memes by GokuBlackThatIsBlack
JoJo Memesby NegroGoku
Why not?
Shadow over the future, Broken Fates✨🌌 | Vento Aureo  by Sofi167829
Shadow over the future, Broken Baby hotline? Please hold me...
Y/N L/N. An ordinary girl with a normal life. What would happen if this girl somehow makes it into her favorite part of the Jojo series, Part 5 Vento Aureo? And what wou...
Falling into the Wind (Vento Aureo X reader) by Apocalyptic0Angel
Falling into the Wind (Vento Mickey
Y/N is a girl with social anxiety who finds herself in bizzare adventure of her own! After ending up in the world of Vento Aureo, she must figure out why she is there. C...
[REWRITE SOON] Gunrunner - VA X fem reader by big-tiddy-milky-man
[REWRITE SOON] Gunrunner - VA X Cass Money
Y/N didn't expect her capo to find out about her stand, she didn't expect to have to sneak a goddamned lighter out of a prison just to work for a different team, and she...
Numb (Mista X Reader) by NonBunary_
Numb (Mista X Reader)by NonBunary
ON INDEFINITE HIATUS You were just suppose to live a normal life, then you had to go and get snatched. Now the people who helped you go free want them to join their gan...
~☆☆JoJo's Bizzare Oneshots!☆☆~ by poisonedsunkist
~☆☆JoJo's Bizzare Oneshots!☆☆~by poisonedsunkist
The title says it all, hope you enjoy!
Amore | [Yandere] Vento Aureo  by xxuanx
Amore | [Yandere] Vento Aureo by 𝕏𝕦𝕒𝕟
"ɪ'ʟʟ ɴᴇᴠᴇʀ ʟᴇᴛ ʏᴏᴜ ɢᴏ." ⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅⚀⚁⚂⚃⚄⚅ In which Y/N Desiderio, a girl with the stand ability to make others fall in love with her through eye contac...
Sowing the Seeds (JJBA Mista x Fem Reader)  by 0275igtom
Sowing the Seeds (JJBA Mista x 0275igtom
(Before Golden Wind) You're a young woman, just living by, in Naples. One day, as you work in your boss' foodtruck for tourists, some nasty customer falls almost dead wi...
A collection of shameless smut with your favorite Jo boiz. Everyone is aged up btw.
Yandere! Vento Aureo × Reader ♡| Oneshot by staticzerror
Yandere! Vento Aureo × Reader ♡| static
As you can see from the title, this is a book of oneshots- specifically, oneshots of characters from Golden Wind. Just a liiiiitle twist, they're all silly yanderes Requ...
Runaway by Abbacchios_Wine
Runawayby Cass
Vento Auro x NB! Reader (More of Abbacchio and Bucciarati x Reader with Narancia as their child-) In which (Y/N) gets jumbled around from one universe to another, then h...
suck it up, buttercup! | vento aureo by oblivionwunna
suck it up, buttercup! | vento toys in her tomb
[vento aureo fem!reader insert] in which a girl makes a deal with death in order to save her father and gets tangled into a bizarre situation with mafiosos dressed like...
Panties (jjba x oc) by rangersrat
Panties (jjba x oc)by rangersrat
So I had an idea what if I made a JoJo story but the stand the mc has the ability to change people's memories. Also what if she works directly for the boss
Various!JJBA One-Shots by jyvy_kujo
Various!JJBA One-Shotsby Jyvy
I'm going to write some JJBA one-shots: JJBA x Reader, JJBA x Other character (ex: Jonathan x Erina) and JJBA x Original Characters! I can write characters from all...