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The Ocean of Blood by andrealunarisb
The Ocean of Bloodby a serious mess
It's hard enough to just be famous, but when someone close to her dies, her whole world turns upside down. Will she be able to manage that? Or will she fall? Fall deep...
Revenge by andrealunarisb
Revengeby a serious mess
Part 2 of the Ocean of Blood. Will fame and old lovers ruin Logan and Chloe's relationship? To find out, READ!
The Decision by andrealunarisb
The Decisionby a serious mess
Who should Amy choose? Which boy does really love her, and will her dream come true?
Love and lies don't mix well by andrealunarisb
Love and lies don't mix wellby a serious mess
A love story about a boy and Veronica.❤️ two strangers, two hearts, two brains, two families, two bodies, what will happen?
I'm sorry. by andrealunarisb
I'm sorry.by a serious mess
We continued walking down the huge hall. Two tall boys came walking slowly towards us. The first one had the most beautiful hazel eyes and light brown hair I have ever s...
Remember me, Justin? by andrealunarisb
Remember me, Justin?by a serious mess
For all u beautiful beliebers out there. Never say Never and Believe. Cuz Justin can Take you where you wanna go as long as you love him. PLEASE READ AND GIVE FEEDBACK!❤...
Issues by andrealunarisb
Issuesby a serious mess
Two best friends. Two beating hearts. One love. One death. What will happen?
The Decision part 2 by andrealunarisb
The Decision part 2by a serious mess
He's back. Even stronger. She's back too. Even weaker. What will happen with Justin and Amy? Will Jason win this time? Want to find out? READ!