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  • lol no (Jeff The Killer)
    1.4M 50.4K 56

    "No," I replied. He stood there shocked at what I said to him. Like I was some monster, when clearly he was. *** This book is SUPER old and is written horribly. it was the first book I ever wrote so it's really yikes... Feel free to check out my other book, though! (It's much better) ***

  • Clockwork: Your Time Is Up
    48.8K 704 1

    This is,of course, NOT my fan fiction. It's just the original story of Clockwork. You cannot find this on the Creepypasta website anymore so I'm gonna post the whole story on here.

  • Slender- The 8 Pages
    4.4K 150 10

    Kristen Jennings was only about to go to her friends house, A) to plan their summer trip to Six Flags and B) tell her she finally beat her current favorite game, Slender. Before she started to play, another disappearance story was on the news, the third time that month. Kirsten ignores it, but is slightly worried. B...

  • The diary of Slender Man
    28.4K 607 4

    The occurrences in Slender Mans life have been agonizing, get to know the supernatural beings early days and reasons for recent murders. Entries are never in specific order.

  • Killer Protector (Jeff the Killer story)
    7.2M 186K 82

    [1st installment of the KP Series] Elizabeth always knew she was a special sort. Her family and friends knew too. She's an introvert and feels like a weirdo wherever she goes, even in her own home. But what happens when she encounters a man known to the world as a notorious monster? Jeff the killer. She never thought...

  • Creepy Pasta
    2.4M 37.4K 67

    These are stories, True? Maybe. You find out yourself. So grab a blanket, turn out the lights... It's Creepy pasta time! I don't own any of the stories and the credit goes directly to the original owners.

  • Wide Eyes (Jeff the Killer Romance)
    491K 15.5K 25

    A young woman has the displeasure of meeting Jeff the Killer when he tries to murder her. Everyone has an adam's apple.