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  • The Broken Hero
    200K 5K 23

    Perseus Jackson, the hero and two time savior of Olympus sacrificed himself to defeat Gaia and her children. His sacrifice has been mourned for the past five hundred years by the gods and his friends. As reward in their efforts his friends and the councilors of the camps were made immortal. Five hundred years of a pe...

    Completed   Mature
  • Flash Flood (A Percy Jackson / Flash Crossover)
    405K 13.5K 31

    Percy Jackson's life is finally looking bright. When his mom's books take off, she decides to attend an author expo and brings her family to Central City, where they'll be staying for one week. When Percy's parents surprise him with a visit from his girlfriend, Annabeth Chase, things get even better. Which, of course...

  • Ghost Of The Past
    5.9K 217 4

    When Percy sacrifices himself to defeat Gaea, everyone is left in despair. Gods, goddesses, demigods, Mrs. O'Leary, Blackjack, everyone. Even Hades, Dionysus, Ares and Artemis are depressed. Little did they know, their hero was watching them with sad eyes, unable to enter the underworld, but living as a ghost roaming...

  • Broken (Percy Jackson/Avengers crossover)
    2M 52.9K 52

    After the giant war, Percy Jackson's sanity was completly broken.Jason is gone. Piper is gone. Leo is gone. Frank is gone. Hazel is gone. Annabeth is dead. They all left Percy but at what cost? At the cost of Gaia's defeat. When Nick Fury thinks that Earth is threatened by Percy Jackson, Fury sends the Avengers to re...

    540K 5.9K 24

    Percy, betrayed by who he thought was his soul mate, takes a daring act and swears himself by the oldest Primordial. Now, he has to deal with the consequences, both good and bad. Eventually Percy/Artemis. All credit goes to starblade176 (the original author of this story) and Rick Riordan.

  • Betrayed (Percy Jackson Fanfic)
    613K 10.2K 44

    Everyone has issues. Even Percy,the savior of everyone's lame butts. But what happens when you get betrayed by the ones most closet to you? Percy has to deal with so much betrayal when his bratty cousin,Toby,shows up. With the new war raging,will Percy show up and save the day, or will he betray his fatal flaw and sta...

  • Percy Jackson - Heart of Ice
    1.2M 20.4K 15

    After the Second Giant War Annabeth leaves Percy for immortality. Percy's heart turns ice cold after the "love of his life" leaves him. He decides he needed some alone time so he leaves camp and heads up north to help him cope with the heartbreak. ~~~~ Years later and no one has heard from or seen Percy. A war is Brew...

  • Legends meet Demigods (Percy Jackson/Jack Frost)
    115K 3.1K 36

    There's a rewritten version of this story titled "Percy Jackson and the guardians of childhood" . . . What would happen if Percy Jackson meets Jack Frost and the rest of the guardians? What if Annabeth wasn't okay after Tartarus, with Nightmares hunting her time, both awake and asleep. . . . Takes place after the gi...

  • Spider man VS percy Jackson
    439K 16.5K 39

    Percy Jackson His powers went over the limit when he left..... That place He stubbed his toe an the sink exploded His powers are being used for good ad the mortals call him the Mist Peter Parker He's trying to finish school When he makes a new friend, percy His world brightens But his hero world is full of competi...

  • The avenge full job of percy Jackson
    1M 24.8K 26

    Percy gets a job at stark tower, his job? The assistant and body guard of tony stark When the avengers move in they start to pry into his demigod life causing problems Percy is waiting for annabeth to finish Olympus so they can go to Rome but that has to wait Loki is back and he's not going down without a prize or in...