Spider man VS percy Jackson

Spider man VS percy Jackson

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Percy Jackson 
His powers went over the limit when he left..... That place
He stubbed his toe an the sink exploded
His powers are being used for good ad the mortals call him the 

Peter Parker 
He's trying to finish school 
When he makes a new friend, percy
His world brightens
But his hero world is full of competition 
When the newest hero shows up
The mist

Will Peter and percy learn each others secrets?
Or will percy notice that Peter is on to him

(I'm working on it)

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  • mist
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Sapphire_Starfire Sapphire_Starfire Nov 10, 2017
Everyone hates school...
                              And I’m over here like, “HA! GIVE ME A CHALLENGE, I LOVE SCHOOL!”
                              I feel alone T~T
RedPandaGalore RedPandaGalore Jun 16, 2016
Percy:when's the last time that happened
                              Me:I know that answer two days ago
Nicoforlife Nicoforlife Jun 19, 2016
Not agan thank you 
                              Never mind ( jumps off the arc agang )
Loki_my_baby Loki_my_baby Mar 16, 2016
You mean the book she published under her secret name Rick Riordan?
Loki_my_baby Loki_my_baby Mar 16, 2016
Imagine someone who doesn't know Percy and his powers reading it and he just thinks 'WHAT KIND OF MOTHER IS THAT!?' 😂
KiwiMehNinjia KiwiMehNinjia Jan 26, 2016
Sally's are my future goals.
                              I can imagine Sally and HESTIA being besties.