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  • John Laurens' Diary | Hamilton | Completed ✔️
    3.3K 89 7

    I never took war seriously before I fought in one. | Side story to "Peggy's Diary" | | Warning there are things that may trigger you | You don't have to read Peggy's Diary I just highly recommend you do | Cover made by me | I KNOW THIS ISNT ACCURATE

  • And Peggy
    20.2K 221 4

    Peggy has always been the invisible Schuyler sister. Nobody notices her and her intelligent mind. Instead, they give all their pride, money, love, and attention to Peggy's two elder sisters, Angelica and Eliza. But one day they will see her in a new respect. Peggy is determined to make it so.

  • Angelica Hamilton
    28.2K 1.3K 13

    What would happen if Angelica ended up with Alexander?

  • Lams One Shots
    6.7K 122 26

    Didn't you read the title? LAMS! LAMS!! LAMS!!! If you have any request for future one shots leave them in the comments! We will get to them as soon as possible!

  • The Reynolds pamphlet (Marliza)
    7.1K 193 7

    This is basically after the Reynolds pamphlet eliza confronts Maria and they fall madly in love. There should be more Mariza fanfics.