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  • Frozen Flame (Male Child Reader X adoptive mother Cinder)
    187K 2.9K 35

    Good or evil. Life or death. Light or dark. Living or dying. None of those mattered to (y/n). For as long as he could remember he never really felt anything for anyone. No love, hate, envy, pity, nothing he didn't even feel sadness or grief for his parent's deaths. Eventually everyone avoided him. All the other childr...

  • Yugioh Arc V Selena x Male reader
    65.6K 618 20

    You are a student from duel academy who has dichromatic eyes and uses a dragon deck. Your ace monster is your Pitch Black Dynasty Dragon , for now. You keep hearing a dragon roar from your extra deck, but whenever you check the dragon isn't there. This story will also have some of my own cards that I've been thinking...

  • A Devil's Saiyan (High School DxD x Male Saiyan Reader)
    201K 3.1K 30

    (Y/n) (L/n), a Saiyan that has been thrown into a different dimension than the one he was use to. The Earth now has Devils, Angels and more. How will a certain group of Devils react to (Y/n)'s story and his power? I made and own this cover. I do not own Dragon Ball, High School DxD or the artwork used in the story.

  • Blind love (Toph x blind male reader)
    241K 4.9K 25

    You were frozen in the ice berg with Aang by accident when you fell backwards and were nocked out on Appa's back, now you follow team avatar, what will it be like to meet Toph?

  • Knives out| Marta x oc
    3.3K 73 20

    When an old friend of the Thrombey's got an invitation to Harlan's 85th birthday he didn't know what he has gotten into afterward. I suck at writing descriptions. I only own my OC and his plot nothing else. This contains major spoilers for knives out please watch the movie before you read this. ~---------------~ star...

  • Robotic branwen ( cayde 6 readerXrwby)Complete
    166K 1.9K 31

    Your are Yn Branwen or at least use to be.

  • Vale's Legend
    36.4K 561 13

    A boy who lived in the woods with his father has been found by team CFVY, what can possibly go wrong?

  • Color and Light (Sabine Wren x Jedi!MaleReader)
    4K 39 1

    My next Male Reader Insert, featuring Sabine Wren from Star Wars Rebels. I've always loved Star Wars and while I'll admit I don't watch the show too intently (or any TV show for that matter) I will say that I love Sabine's character. Something about badass Mandalorian bounty hunters is just awesome to me. Star Wars a...

  • ORDER 66(JEDI! Reader X Rwby)
    32.7K 523 9

    Y/N is one of the few Jedi who had survived Order 66. The Clones that were ordered to kill him disobeyed the Order and helped him escape. Sadly their ship crashed on an unknown Planet. How will the people of this planet react to beings from a Galaxy Far, Far Away.

  • The Vigilante of Beacon (RWBY X Male Reader)
    224K 3.1K 42

    A boy named (Y/N) (L/N) grew up in an orphanage and after years of he got sick of it all and ran away. He had to learn how to survive on the streets in his own and relied on stealing and mugging . (Y/N) went to some kid trying to survive to a Vigilante, dedicated to protect those in need and bring those that are corru...

  • Rage given form- bullied General Grievous male reader VS team RWBY
    76K 944 7

    Y/n wasn't smart... he wasn't brave, or strong, or even particularly talented at all. He was just a guy with a kind heart. That kindness lead to his seeming demise. Now team RWBY and the remains of team JNPR race to Atlas by train to deliver the relic to safety. Little do they know that the girls darkest secret is abo...

  • An Unforgotten Love: Cinder Fall x Male Reader
    130K 2K 14

    Ever since I did the request from the story of Love Till the End: Wife Blake Belladonna x Husband Male Reader, it inspired me to work on other stories with something like that with certain RWBY characters that would fit perfectly with a story like this. Now, what would happen if Cinder had a story that she never wante...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Grandchildren of Sparda: RWBY x Son and Daughter of Dante Male reader/OC
    84.6K 959 15

    This is a story I thought of since I am a fan of the Devil May Cry series (Videos Games), and here it is. The OC belongs to me. So, what would happen if Dante had 2 kids that he never knew about as they're twins. One day Dante was relaxing in his shop and he hears a knock on his door and he opens it to see no one, but...

  • Saved and Trained by a Hunter: RWBY x Predator Male Reader
    40.5K 639 5

    This is a male reader story I thought of since I am also a fan of the Predator. So, in a house near patch a boy is physically beaten and abused from his family and he had enough where one day a sign made him leave and he meets the deadliest of all; a Yautja Hunter, a Predator. This predator saves his life and offered...

  • KiLL la KiLL - Preternatural!
    328K 4.3K 39

    Ryuko vows to crush Satsuki's ambitions in order to get the answers she seeks... However, another transfer student simply walks among their fray.

  • RWBY - Viciously Cold...
    14.9K 267 10

    Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are each entangled in journeys of their own, but they all share one destination: Haven Academy. Whether it's the promise of ancient relics, mystical maidens, or simply more power, it's clear that the stage for the next great battle for Remnant when both God, and King cross paths... Crossov...

  • RWBY:There in a FLASH
    40.4K 517 15

    In central city there is a boy and his name is (Y/N) (L/N) and he was an ordinary biy until one day when he became the fastest man alive. how will he deal with having to be a superhero and a student at beacon highschool at the same time find out..... i do not own rwby it is owned by roosterteeth and the flash and and...

  • Krul Tepes X Male Human Reader
    136K 2.2K 20

    Requested by AmeeruHakeemSaifudd and i hope everyone enjoys. Description: He's just a normal soldier in the moon demon company, until he meets a vampire he starts to fall in love with. Yet he has no idea she is the vampire queen. Disclaimer: I always forget to put these but not this time. I do not own Owari no...

  • Remnant's Saiyan Warriors (RWBY x Male Saiyan Reader)
    2.8K 69 7

    Remnant, a world where people are trained as Huntsman and Huntress to fight against dark creatures called Grimm. After centuries of battling they have kept the Grimm at bay, even though the people of Remnant have an upper hand against the Grimm they still are a threat to humanity. But what if visitor from afar come cr...

  • Assassin Male Reader X RWBY
    91.5K 682 17

    You are a Assassin and you are always hiding and strikes in the shadows leaving no witnesses. Until one day two teams are sent to investigate a supposed robbery that will be happening unknown to them a hooded figure is going to the same place...

  • Abused Male Reader Jiren X RWBY
    94.6K 1K 12

    +A boy being abused by his parents, sisters and uncles,he decides to confront them once trying to treat him with more respect but the opposite happened, he decided to cut his house and create a team of four people who would fight for justice that Remnant needs +RWBY belongs to Rooster Teeth +Dragon Ball belongs to...

  • RWBY: Pyrrha x Male Cryomancer Reader!
    57K 622 19

    Y/n L/n, otherwise known by his alias of Sub-Zero, the successor to Kuai Liang, the previous Sub-Zero. This boy...has been through hell and back, with a capital H. The boy was leading a normal life with his family. His Mother, (M/n) and Father (F/n) and his big sister by three years old. That...all changed when 'she'...

  • Male Reader Time Breaker X Dragon Ball
    74.1K 1.2K 15

    + After a great fight he had, he had no choice but to sacrifice himself for his family and friends but instead he arrives at a place he does not recognize, due to this event he loses the opportunity to see his family for thousands of years.He will return to defeat a great threat that even his father could not overco...

  • MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) X Male Ghost Rider Reader
    141K 2.7K 15

    'There was an idea.' 'To bring together a group of remarkable people.' 'To see if we could become something more.' 'So when they needed us, we could fight the battles.' 'That they never could.' Ideas are bullet proof. But those same ideas could easily end up in tragedy. Tragedy for the 'Small Guys'. Guys who haven't b...

  • Blake Belladonna x Male Gajeel Reader
    10.9K 217 14

    You are a human member of the White Fang. Well, that's not true. The White Fang hate humans. Rather, you a part of a splinter group of the White Fang called Phantom Lord. Phantom Lord is made of powerful humans who serve as thugs and enforcers. To the White Fang, you're garbage and disposable. However, you have one fr...

  • Son of a Branwen: RWBY x Son of Qrow Male Reader
    86.3K 998 7

    This is a story I decided to work on after reading stories similar to this, and after I read them I decided to do my own, in the Bio it will explain your outfit is and what your logo is, what your weapons are, and he love interest voting pole. So, in this story Qrow Branwen is fighting a thug and this thug is close to...

  • One Shots Male Reader X Various Characters
    158K 1.2K 20

    Not Much to say here since the title says what it is. The first page is where you'll need to read everything. :D

  • Anger, Hate and Suffering (Neglected and Abused Sith Male Reader x RWBY)
    108K 1.3K 16

    This story follows... you, Y/N, as you live your life after a childhood of nothing but abuse and neglect. One day 7 years from the events of RWBY, you are in your 'home' after a beating when strange things start happening. Your door flies off it's hinges and smashes into the wall at the other end of the hall, your win...

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Star Wars X Jedi reader)
    37.4K 486 8

    Jedi Master Mace Windu is like a father to you. Pretty much because he is the only thing you've had close to one. Your parents, both Jedi, were murdered by Sith and Mace Windu was to late to save your parents, but just in time to save you. He took you in, even to the point of not immediately putting you into the acade...

  • [COMPLETED]The Grey Jedi (Rey x Male Reader)
    128K 1.4K 13

    (Y/N) Windu is the only grey jedi walking in the universe and has been living with his team of survivors for years. Now he and the team must come out of hiding when he receives a distress call from Crait. Follow your Journey as you teach Rey and find love on the way.