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  • Love and Hamburgers [Rick and Liz Saga, Season 1]
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    [Completed/Edited - 2018 Fiction Awards Nominee for Best Romance] With her elbows pressed against the well-worn wood of the bar, Liz swiped at her phone. She found herself lurking the Facebook pages and tweets of her exes. None of them were particularly bad, per say, they just weren't right. But what is right? She r...

  • A Wolverine in Gotham [Batman/Wolverine Crossover] @superhero #superhero
    1.2K 17 2

    Wolverine travels to Gotham City to help Batman defeat an unstoppable foe. @superhero #superhero #Fanfic contest - DC/Marvel Crossover One-shot 2k

  • Twists in the Life of a Spinster
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    All is not what it seems in this tale of Viking/Anglo-Saxon lust and love... I wrote this story after being inspired by a photo of a young woman in Viking dress using a spindle. I wondered what it would like to be her. Here's the result. I hope you enjoy it!

  • Text of Ken [Complete]
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    Moved my stuff from Tumlr to Wattpad in wake of recent decisions by tumblr

  • I Don't Wike It: The Cliches and Sterotypes of Wattpad
    9.8K 749 34

    No! Not the cliches! Aah they're killing me! (Figuratively, of course) Here's a book filled with me rambling, ranting, and giving 'advice'. It's funny-ish, I promise! (Also, most of it was written years ago by wee little idiot me. Older me joins in after the 2nd Awkward Author's Note, and it gets a bit better. Maybe)