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  • Mrs. All American| a.i.
    370K 13K 27

    "How'd you meet him?" "I kind of just, you know, fell into his arms half naked."

  • Trust ➳ Ashton Irwin
    1.1M 40.4K 43

    "You know you can trust me." "I can't just trust you, it doesn't work that way."

  • Sex Education • Ashton Irwin
    8.1M 225K 39

    "Alright, you horny little shits, let's talk about sex,"

  • Project Daddy || a.i
    20.6M 676K 82

    "You can call me daddy." "You cannot be fucking serious." __________ "This is a weird part of the internet, I don't like this place." - Michael Clifford, 2020.

  • aesthetic [ashton irwin]
    276K 15.9K 18

    because he was so pleasing to the eye that aurora couldn't get enough. (cover by elle) [fanfiction #81]

  • simmer down // a.i. [ON HOLD]
    351K 9.2K 49

    in which a girl named emma signs up for a summer job working at the same hotel that a boy named ashton is staying in with his band. © educashton, 2014. all rights reserved.

  • Burn ▹ Ashton Irwin
    1.5M 50.4K 55

    A boy never forgot about the things that made him crazy. He just watched them burn.

    Completed   Mature
  • 7:15.
    25.6M 554K 49

    "7:15, that's our time."

    Completed   Mature
  • victoria secret ✦ ashton irwin
    288K 6.6K 39

    "I'm a Victoria Secret model I'm bound to have secrets" All Rights Reserved @Harryfuls

  • Hate Me // Ashton Irwin (Completed)
    3.8M 57.1K 70

    It's one of the most overplayed storylines in the book; a kid gets transferred to a new town, or in my case country, for their parent's job and their life changes. Most of the time those stories end in tragedy, and I guess mine does too. But I do know one thing, if I hadn't moved to Sydney I never would have had my h...

  • fanfiction :: ashton irwin
    4M 212K 48

    In which a fan introduces Ashton Irwin to the world of fanfiction. © 2014 webby | bonnaroo