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  • Home (Lams Modern AU)
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    Alexander Hamilton has recently been accepted into King's College, and he's scared. He's never had friends growing up, and has too much to say at once. But will his overly energetic room mate change his views of the future ahead of him?

  • You Will Be Found || Lams || COMPLETED
    15.9K 863 27

    John Laurens wish he could say that he loved Peggy. After all, they have been a pair since high school. Although he couldn't deny that he cared for the Schuyler sister, in his third year of college, a new potential number jumps into the equation, leaving a helpless John Laurens confused and breathless. ~ Alternating P...

  • Lams Drabbles
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    Lams AU drabbles I probably wrote in class (John Laurens x Alexander Hamilton)

  • Paper Hearts ▪ Lams
    122K 5.9K 30

    [completed] it's like a goddamn tragedy because he looks at him like he put the stars in the sky and he looks at him like he's the only thing that matters but they both think that the other is looking down. [cover drawn by: @hamilsquadlamslife] [highest ranking: 156 in hamilton, 79 in Lams]

  • Raise A Glass {Lams}
    69.1K 3.5K 26

    It all started with Eliza, Alexander Hamilton's girlfriend, leaving him alone with his best friend (and crush) John Laurens. How much can one summer of secret love change the lives of these two boys? Ships included: hamiltonXlaurens lafayetteXhercules jeffersonXmadison elizaXmaria burrXbeing salty

    33.4K 1.7K 61

    🌌Lams story. Please just read the short introduction instead. 🌌 MODERN COLLEGE AU [HOW ORIGINAL I KNOW BUT BEAR WITH ME IT'LL BE GOOD I PROMISE (I hope) ]

  • Ghost Boy (Lams)
    61.7K 3.6K 21

    I wrote the first bunch of chapters at 3am during a burst of creativity and anger??? And then I started trying to promote a good message??????? Now I'm numb inside???? Hey I thought it was a good idea to mix australian high school, american founding fathers, angst and comedy. Good luck.

    117K 6.9K 20

    John is in his third year of college, he is studying Marine Biology. Laurens loves the ocean and everything that has to do with it more than anything in this world, specially turtles, turtles are the best. That's why he goes to the beach that's near the college everyday. And I mean, every single day. But one day Joh...

  • The BENEFITS Of Being With YOU
    13.7K 796 6

    One-Shot book about the Lams fanfic "Benefits" (I recommend you to read it before you read this 'cause if not you won't understand anything)

  • One and Only (LAMS)
    312K 10.8K 33

    Another basic modern college au sorry Literally stereotypical to every college au fic u read (yes there is a storm chapter) with a FEW plot twists bc you know meee ;) When Alexander Hamilton accepts a scholarship into King's College he meets an amazing new group of friends, in doing so also finding the one and only, J...

  • It's A Long Story - Lams [DISCONTINUED]
    56.4K 3.1K 26

    Late at night, Alexander Hamilton was tucking his son, Philip, into bed. Alexander was eager to get back to his sleeping husband, but Philip still had a request. A bedtime story. "What story do you want me to tell you tonight?" Alexander said, knowing Philip would put up a fight if Alexander denied telling a story. ...

  • [Not GAY]
    115K 7.1K 23

    Alexander wasn't gay Why would Lafayette and Mulligan ever believe something so stupid like that? Was it because he said that The Rock was hot or the fact that he always tries to flirt with that freckled boy? Yeah, who I am kidding? Everyone knows that Alexander is gayer than a rainbow. But he didn't seem to realize...

  • Guilty
    114K 5.8K 35

    Sequel to Innocent Please read that first because major spoilers :) Alexander Hamilton, charged with involuntary manslaughter upon Peter Hamilton. Sentence: 10 years Time Served: 1 month Maria Reynolds, charged with first-degree attempted murder. Sentence: 10 years Time Served: 5 years King's Correctional Facility...