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  • The Exam
    40.7K 1.3K 22

    Hisoka is your older brother, you guys are about 6 years apart. When you were 12 you entered the Hunter Exam, Hisoka didn't think you could do it alone so he tagged along. Even though he didn't show it much, he loved you very much. He got really mad when you fell in love with an assain and he sees you more than him.

  • A little game (killua x reader x Gon x Kurapika)
    12.9K 584 6

    Leorio's grown old, and his time is up. Using the last of his life energy he opens a portal to another world. As time resets poor (y/n) is dragged into the world of hunter x hunter! What were Leorio's motives? Read to find out!

  • Ties (Killua X Reader X Kurapika)
    43.7K 1.6K 26

    Born in the Kurta clan, Y/N meets Kurapika and fell in love with him. But soon he leaves to study medicine to cure Pairo, as he leaves, the Phantom Troupe attacks the kurta clan and kidnapped Y/N who seem to have an advance ability in nen. Y/N is then used as a bargaining chip for the Zoldyck's to assassinate the Ten...

  • Red String of Fate [ Killua x Reader ]
    17.3K 953 41

    [ UNDER EDITING!! ] 2nd place in HxH Spring Wattys 2017 (I didn't get to open my email to check out the cover because I forgot the password to it :'( ) "Fate will bring you back once again" Killua Zoldyck, an assassin had a mission in York New. His mission was quite easy if you say so. It is to assasinate a family. Bu...

  • Lies..... Kurapika x Reader
    13K 746 25

    What will you do when your boyfreind cheats on you. Will you let it slide? or will u have the guts to get your revenge?! FIND OUT IN THIS EPISODE OF LIES WERE YOU AND KURAPIKA WILL-- lol actually just read it and comment what you think. Peace!

  • Study With Kurapika! [One Shoots]
    360 14 1

    "Study is the most hated thing in my life!"- (y/n) === ✩ === ★ === ✩ === ★ === ✩ == [Kurapika x Reader] [SchoolAU] ⬇ ※ ⬇ ※ ⬇ ※ ⬇ ※ One Shoots ※ My english was so so so bad. Correct me if i'm wrong and i will fix it quickly. ※ I'm bad in tenses. Especially grammar. (Oh god my english skill doesn't increased ;-;) ※ I do...

  • Kurapika x Reader : Chemistry test!
    342 14 1

    you have bad skill in chemistry. And Kurapika, are more expert than you. And he will teach you tonight ! [One Shoot] [i have a bad english skill. Correct me if i'm wrong]

  • Kurapika X Reader : "I Can DO it by MYSELF !"
    10.9K 252 14

    You and Kurapika are have 'stepbrother-sister' relationship. You have a boyfriend Kuroro, and Kurapika has a girlfriend Neon. It's was your first time to have a boyfriend. So Kurapika will give you 'special treatment' to make you familiar with 'sex' thing. It was your big secrets with Kurapika. === ✩ === ★ === ✩ === ★...

  • Kurapika x Reader (One Shot) LEMON!
    43.9K 585 14

    **Kurapika x Reader One Shot LEMON** So basically, the title says it all. I take requests and the requests you make will be a lemon.

  • Her Tattoo | Kurapika X Reader
    16.8K 718 27

    You have a secret. But Kurapika finds out about your harmless secret. With a mission you two have to solve together, the truth of your hidden patch of skin comes out.

  • Hunter x Hunter Boyfriend
    85.5K 1.9K 35

    This is a Hunter x Hunter boyfriend scenario, it's just random and hope you'll like it

  • One week [Killua X reader]
    3.2K 163 9

    That was when I knew that one second with her is worth more than one week without her. | Book 2 of One Wish | Won't include curse words in case someone doesn't like it.

  • How To Make An Assasin Fall In Love (Killua x Reader)
    74.9K 4.6K 24

    I was walking down a quiet road.With my hands in my pockets,I slowly counted the steps I took. If the number of steps can be counted as money,then I would’ve walked and walked until I get enough. Just when I was about to take a turn,a figure of a person came out from the shadows.It was a man wearing a black suit. “You...

  • Zoldycks treasure
    1.5K 57 3

    A girl is born as a zoldyck the zoldycks get to attached but she wants to be a assassin but they would have to put her through pain endurance they swallow the heavy burden and do so. The girl makes friends with her family with her love able innocence but when she takes the hunter exams will her innocence bring her to...

  • The PLAYBOY (Shalnark x Reader: Modern COMPLETED)
    17.1K 1K 49

    Y/n was a nerd and she loves to read a book. She was top of the class but everyone hated her because she was the smartest student at every of her class. Even though she doesn't listen to her teacher because she mostly reads her book in her class, she can still manage to answer what the teacher would ask her. She wears...

  • Gon's Birthday (Gon X Reader One-shot)
    43 5 1

    Gon x reader one-shot

  • Kurapika's birthday (Kurapika x reader one-shot)
    243 21 1

    Kurapika's Birthday

  • Hunter x hunter (kurapika x reader)
    800 32 3

    After gon, kurapika and leorio rescue killua. Then suddenly killua wanted them to meet someone who is really important person to him wonder who will it be? Hope you enjoy this story..

  • Hidden Feelings (Kurapika X Reader X Killua)
    183 6 1

    One~shot Reader: -15 years old Gon, Killua, Kurapika, Leorio -present ages

  • Killua X Kurapika
    12.1K 369 9

    A Killua X Kurapika story ❌Warning: Shounen ai❌ Contains Yaoi and some Japanese words The characters aren't mine, they're from Yoshihiro sensei! ♥Have Fun♥

  • Well at Least Were Still Alive Kurapika X Reader
    1.8K 94 9

    " Suddenly, I felt hands wrap around my waist and lift me up "Eep!" I squealed in surprise. As I was gently placed on birdy, I turn to see Kurapika getting on in front of Pairo. "C'mon, hurry it up love birds!" He joked. I couldn't help but blush as I retorted with a good old fashion "S-Shut up!" Stutter and all. Kura...

  • An Odd Feeling (Kurapika X Reader)
    11.7K 469 20

    You're boyish. You're not interested in any "girly" stuffs. But what will happen when you cross paths with him?

  • Kurapika X Reader { ONE SHOTS }
    4K 82 15

    just random one shots😶 You can request too~

  • Secret love:teacher!kurapika x student!reader
    8K 192 12

    credit to @hunterxhunterfangirl for the cover! Description: After kurapika and (y/n) make love she gets pregnant. But they they have to keep their love a secret from the school, and from her parents. What will happen? Read and find out!!

  • Kurapika x Reader one shot compilation
    45.7K 992 20

    This is one shot compilation. I will take requests for these. It is possible you might see these or something very similar to these in my actual full stories. WARNING some of these will be smutty or even disturbing. You could say I'm messed up in the head.

  • Childish Love (Gon Freeces X Reader)
    1.2K 52 10

    You 12 year old (Y/N) are hisokas little sister, when I say little I mean little like you are only up to Gons shoulder. Well who else is supposed to make him hold in all of his pedo-ness, but when your Onii-Chan takes the hunter exams you go with him because you know what happened last time to his "unripened fruit". G...

  • HxH x Reader (lemons & other)
    4.2K 54 4

    I'll write some lemons and stuff, but please, I'm not good at this. I accept request and prompts, let's get crazy with our imagination! :D (I shouldn't have that written right xD?)

  • ~Hunter x Hunter~ Kurapika x Reader
    10.4K 267 8

    Hunter x Hunter Kurapika x reader. He would've never thought he would fall for a girl like her.

  • A Wolf In a Sheep's Costume Killua x reader
    3.4K 147 28

    Now, Now i know i have made a small, small change, for the sake of the story, please dont hate me May be discontinued