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  • The Starbucks Hotline
    1.4M 115K 42

    ❝Hello, this is the Starb-❞ ❝HEEELP ME!! PLEASE! THERE'S A MURDERER IN MY HOUSE!❞ ❝OH SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!! WHAT DO I DO?! THIS IS STARBUCKS, NOT FREAKING 911. WAIT, HOLD ON. TRY TO KEEP YOURSELF ALIVE, I'LL CALL 911!! STAY CALM. IT'S GOING TO BE O- ❞ ❝Wait...did you just say Starbucks?❞ ❝Um...yeah?❞ ❝They have a hotlin...

  • We Are Stars | OLD DRAFT
    62.7K 5.3K 47

    #30 in Stars #780 in Teen Fiction Ever since the tragic death of her mother, Rowen has only seen the world through the eyes of loss, and never has she felt more alone. With her father's obsessive drinking, secrets to keep, and her dreams of becoming a professional astronomer on the line, she has dug herself a deep hol...

  • Secrets Hidden in Silence | 🔛
    141 18 4

    I don't know why I keep helping him this way when he doesn't give me anything that I want in return. I'm not totally his, but I'm nobody else's either. And I don't want to be. So I stick with what he gives me, because it's better than nothing. I rather have a night a week than never feel him in my arms again. He say...

  • The Not So Cliché Love story
    46.7K 5.2K 43

    Aarav and Dia are alike. Confident, Charming and Passionate. They are perfect for each other. But wait a second, Like poles do not attract, right? Two families decide to play cupid for the trouble makers. What follows is a hilarious story where Aarav and Dia manage to find love in a set of most unexpected but planned...

  • The Ghost Files
    6.6M 151K 33

    Cherry blossom lipstick: check Smokey eyes: check Skinny jeans: check Dead kid in the mirror: check For sixteen year old Mattie Hathaway, this is her normal everyday routine. She's been able to see ghosts since her mother tried to murder her when she was five years old. No way does she want anyone to know she ca...

  • The Unknown Planet (Completed)
    157 60 5

    My grandmother used to tell me that people who rule over planets didn't know how to understand the creatures of that planet as one. I never knew what she meant in the first place, but she never wanted to explain any further. One evening, she passed away, repeating those same words to me. I held her hand as she closed...

  • Who Knew Angels Were Devils Too?
    92 54 6

    I wanted to escape. I wanted to live for once. I never in my life would've wanted this. Why couldn't I have just stopped while I was sane? No one could answer me because no one knew how. Everywhere I looked I saw the pity in everyone's eyes. I was an angel and I didn't know how to protect anyone. I didn't even have an...