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  • "Carrying the CEO's Son" (COMPLETED)
    10.6M 277K 81

    Dahil sa hirap ng buhay at dala ng pangangailangan ay pumayag si Yoona sa alok ng kaibigan na amo ng kakilala nya na magdadala ng bata sa sinapupunan niya sa pamamagitan ng artificial insemination. Iyon akala niya pero bakit nauwi sila sa kasalan? kapalit nang malaking halaga, pikit mata niyang tinanggap para sa pag...

  • Billionaire's Love
    1.3M 50.1K 38

    "You are mine baby girl. Your body, soul, heart and every inch of you is mine. Only mine" He said placing his arms around my waist. " You attended poetic class didn't you? Because that really sounded cheesy." I said laughing at him. "Cheesy or not you are still mine and will always be mine. Never forget that." And wi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The billionaire's ex wife
    321K 8K 23

    "You're pregnant congratulations" the doctor said with a smile on her face "What," I am so happy that I am finally pregnant me and Tristan have been trying to have a baby for a year now, and now it is happening I can't wait to tell him. We have been talking about it for months now, and I can see in his eyes that he...

  • The Personal Assistant.
    2.3M 104K 56

    "James McGregor, CEO of McGregor industries, has passed away yesterday evening after a long battle with cancer. James McGregor, aged 63, was one of the-" Elizabeth shut the TV off, she couldn't bear to listen to this... She had been there when it happened, she did not need it to be repeated. Elizabeth Waverton had be...

  • Baby With The Billionaire (Complete-Not Edited)
    686K 23.1K 25

    Kyle Dale after long thought decides he was needs to have a baby which will be his heir to his family business. Marriage is the last thing on his mind, all he needs is a child or so he thinks. After weeks of admiring his secretary, Jade Brown. He decides she is the best candidate of someone who is cable of bearing his...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Brothers Best Man (completed)
    761K 22.2K 63

    Riley Medina, a 26 year old who works at Hooters, her mother constantly bugs her about having children, even though her older brother got his soon to be wife pregnant. she is outgoing, witty at times and likes men in suits, but she wants nothing to do with men and relationships, so what will happen when she meets her...

    Completed   Mature
  • To Tame a Playboy
    907K 26K 56

    HIGHEST RANKING: number 4 in love, 33 in romance! Diana Campbell is a straight A student in Laval University and due to her family's debt she is forced into a marriage with the infamous, carefree, playboy Rafael DeMarco. Despite the marriage Rafael still continues his old ways. Will Diana find peace with his ways or w...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Hidden Love
    113K 6.1K 44

    This story is about a south Indian girl Arohi. She has lot of insecurities about herself as she is a little fatter than the conventional skinny girls and all her life she had to listen from others about how essential it was to look beautiful for a girl. She lives only in her comfort zone and nothing out of it. One nig...

  • The Billionaire's love
    13.1K 300 1

  • Ruling The CEO
    1.2M 73.7K 40

    Just by looking at his smile, I knew. I knew he would never be mine. And the worst part was, I could never tell him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jenny Layman focused on living life one day at a time. She liked her life in order; by working at the toy store, and making kids laugh, Jenny tried to enjoy life even though her...

    Completed   Mature
  • Claimed By Him With Love
    3.9M 176K 36

    Sequel of "Claimed By Him Without Love" "Do you Mr. James Ashton, take Miss Liza Miller to be your wedded wife, to cherish in love and in friendship, in strength and in weakness, in success and in disappointment, to love her faithfully, today, tomorrow, and for as long as the two of you shall live?" The Father asked m...

  • IF I LET YOU GO(1)-(Completed)
    239K 8.2K 31

    Para sa'yo, ano nga ba ang LOVE? Madaling sabihin ang katagang LOVE pero mahirap bigyan ng tamang kahulugan. Gaya na lang ng nagmahal ka pero darating at darating ang pagkakataon na panghihinaan kana ng loob. Ngunit kahit pagud kana o para bang suko kana, pero you love that person or things. Kaya muli kang babangon at...

  • Torn
    6.4M 222K 57

    This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster. It will frustrate you beyond comprehension, crush you and bring out the worst in you. It will tear you apart before it puts you back together again, and spark something a little dark and sinful in the process. You have been warned. Payton has been friends with t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rebellious Love (SOON TO BE PUBLISHED UNDER PSICOM) The Stanfield Heir #2
    12.1M 226K 54

    #StanfieldBook2: ZekeSteele (#Wattys2016Winner Collector's Edition) "I've made mistakes out of my rebellion. But I embrace them because they made me who I am and what I am now. I found a brother, people I can trust, and a girl who meant the world to me... And I...

  • The Hunk Society book 1 (The Major Distraction)
    1.9M 18K 10

    The Hunk Society book 1 (The Major Distraction) Hunk society is an aggregated peer of young heirs who wanted to escape from their responsibilities and the life that they can't embrace. Together, in a camp - the Hunk Society Camp, na matatagpuan sa gitna ng isang...

    Completed   Mature
  • IF I LET YOU GO(2)-(Completed)
    222K 6.8K 23

    YUGENE EZEKIEL BELMONTE(GSB-5) Sa pagpapatuloy ng kanilang kwento. Hanggang saan nga ba nila kayang ipaglaban ang kanilang pagmamahalan. Hanggang saan ang kaya nilang paglalakbay tunggo sa happily ever after nilang lovestory. Paano kung pilit itong hahadlangan ng tadhana? By:WILD AMBER

  • He Who Owns Me (COMPLETED) #Wattys2018
    3.2M 53.6K 42

    SHE GOT chills every time she set her eyes upon him. She didn't know why but she got a bad feeling when he's around. She tried to avoid him but he was drawing her near. Until it was hard for her to resist him. She had fallen fast and hard. Yet a horrible fact would crush her down. Hindi siya makapaniwalang sa lik...

  • Running Into Mr. Billionaire | ✔️
    38.7M 1M 44

    |#1 in Romance| She was broken He was hurt She escaped He built a wall around his heart She ran into his life And he saved her life... __________________ Not much Mature Content but I advise 13+ to read this book. (WARNING!! I wrote this at the age of 15 and this is my first ever book. Totally not the best. So beware...

  • Perfect Crime (The Hunk Society 2)
    354K 8.4K 11

    Synopsis Isla de Amor is a perfect place for Miguel Montecillo to escape from rowdy city. Dito siya nagkakaroon ng kapayapan. Ang islang pag-aari ng kanyang mga kaibigan na matatagpuan sa Rehiyong Bicol. Pinili niyang magtungo sa isla para pansamantalang makalayo sa magulo niy...

  • Riddle Of The Owl (SAMPLE)
    2.6M 2.7K 3

    "When I look into your eyes, I know where you've been, I know what you saw that night in the forest. I know what you are now." In the empire, where any entanglement with magic and demons can result in severe punishment, sixteen-year-old mathematician, Alleria, knows that remaining off the radar is her best chance of k...

  • The Sexy Nerd's Hunk Gangster #Wattys2017
    546K 10.3K 42

    Starts: JULY 2015 Finished: AUGUST 2016 A wild night side story :) This is the story of a sexy nerd STACEY MANUEL and the Hunk Gangster CRISSEN TOM "HELL" ROSS.

    Completed   Mature
  • Runaway Fiancée (Valiente #2)
    3.2M 129K 19

    Meet Lily. A smokin' hot bikini model with a sexy Colombian accent. Lily is engaged to a famous Telenovela actor, Dylan Cooper. But how come another man, Xander Valiente claims as her fiancé too? Meet Xander. The gorgeous Italian billionaire that claims Lily as his missing fiancé. He believes that Lily is Mia Stewart...

  • ALL OF ME(Completed)
    137K 4.1K 17


  • SIARWAG SEASON 3: The End of Secrecy: Married with King Daryl Smith (COMPLETED)
    3.1M 69K 35

    A story that will light you up, make your jaw locked, and fill your eyes with tears. *** All Rights Reserved: SUJUANJELL June 22, 2014

  • The Unknowing Heiress
    1M 43.2K 27

    Maggie Swift had always known something was missing from her life. She had everything an eighteen year old aristocrat could want – a title, wealth, a good family, and an incredible friend in Max Montgomery. What could possibly be missing? Many do not see past the audacious and joyous personality of Maggie Swift, the...

  • Bargaining with the Rogue
    130K 8.5K 28

    The ultimatum has been set... Frances Ramsbury has exactly one month to find a husband. If she does not, her father will betroth her to her stepmother's vile nephew. Frances knows she'll never find a man equal to the fiance she lost in the war, but she's unwilling to tie herself to a man she loathes. Out of options, F...

  • The Restless Viscountess
    1.2M 59.3K 28

    Lady Imogen Wilde has lived her life in a body that does not work as it should. As she was born not breathing, Imogen has spent her life as the small and weak daughter of the Duke of Ascot. Nobody could ever understand, could they? Colonel Simon Spencer is a highly decorated, recently retired, soldier, who has made hi...

  • The Accidental Duchess
    1.7M 64.3K 23

    Elizabeth 'Bess' Jones was perfectly content living on her lonesome. She lived in a tiny village in Derbyshire which suited her just fine until HE walked into her life. The one man who changed her life forever. Emmett Wilde had always run from responsibility. Never had he wanted to embrace the traditions that his ti...

  • The Reluctant Marchioness
    1.3M 55.3K 29

    Rose Wilde has always considered herself plain, and has practically given up on the idea of being romanced. But when American hotelier, Derek Montgomery, comes to revolutionise her sleepy, little English village of Ascot, Rose starts to revisit the idea of romance and falling in love. However, Derek brings with him ma...

  • They Got Married
    177K 1.9K 26

    Meet Crescent Wane Santos isang dalagang babae na kapag birthday niya, palaging binibigyan ng isang litrato ng isang lalake na nakatadhana para pakasalan niya. Noon pa lamang ay gusto na niyang lumaki para rito. Noon pa lamang ay gusto na niyang makita ito. Dumating ang araw ng ika-18 na kaarawan niya at sa pagdating...