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  • hopeless || tradley (don't read)
    16.6K 1.4K 66

    bruises and blood, rib cages and diet pills * don't read this!! it was written a few years back + very unrealistically. thank u to those who read this Entire Thing and witnessed my terrible writing and inconsistency.

  • hold me || lashton {discontinued}
    12K 808 24

    rely /rɪˈlaɪ/ to need or depend on someone or something

  • Torn in two - Lashton
    55.3K 1.7K 25

    Ashton Irwin tries to be like all other 17 year olds, but fails because people bully and judge him after coming out last year. He's suicidal and depressed until he meets a bisexual beautiful mistake named Luke Hemmings. His world spins around after his new friend (maybe even love interest) enters his life. "You saved...

  • Before I Lose Myself -Lashton-
    29.8K 1K 14

    Ashton's bullied all the time. Luke, is well, his bully. Ashton is openly gay, and Luke, he's straighter than a board. He calls Ashton names. Like stupid, cutter, suicidal, and freak. So many more are included. Ashton, does hurt himself. Luke has embarrassed Ashton about cutting and burning himself. But will he be oka...