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  • Bound
    73.2K 2.9K 23

    Once again, Arthur and the knights make the wonderful decision to go on a hunting trip. To no one's surprise, something is bound to go wrong. They are met with an ambush and a mysterious sorcerer with a pair of magical cuffs. Instead of putting them on Arthur, which is what everyone expected, she decides to give them...

  • Merlin (one shots)
    103K 2.4K 24

    This is some one shots, and if you want me to do some more of it, wote, write a comment, whatever you like, and I will maybe make a story about it. Ily guys!

  • The Return of Merlin
    162K 6.9K 25

    . "This story is perhaps the best Merlin-fanfic I've ever read." - TheForeverChosenOne: --------------------------------- 'The great doors of Camelot flew open, announcing the arrival of the long awaited guest...' Camelot and the Kingdo...

  • A Little Morning Lust (merthur)
    346K 7.3K 8

    Merthur . Cute smutty/fluffy merthur

  • Merlin- Bleeding Hearts
    199K 6.5K 17

    Merlin is attacked and won't tell Arthur anything. Arthur likes Merlin, his hand servant for almost 2 years, it breaks his heart to see Merlin this beat up and hurt. Arthur is trying to do whatever he can to forward his relationship with Merlin, while he tries to find out and understand what happened to his brunette s...

  • Manservant (Murthur FanFic)
    93.4K 3.9K 25

    In this story you will find no dragons to be found. nor witches for that matter. This story begins in England. It is about a rich boy named Arthur, and his manservant named Merlin. (This is my first ever Merlin story so please bare with me as I write this.)

  • You Prat
    133K 5K 17

    Still based in Camelot , Merlin is Arthur's new serveant as you all probably excpected. Merlin realizes working for him isn't as bad as he thought and Arthur couldn't agree more .

  • Merthur Oneshots
    169K 4.1K 19

    Just a bunch of Merthur Oneshots 😁

  • Merlin One-Shots
    92.7K 2.1K 23

    Fluff one-shots mostly Merthur and some Reader including Merlin, Arthur and the knights.

  • Twisted Memories(A Merlin Fanfic)
    71.9K 2.6K 6

    It's just an ordinary in Camelot…well as normal as things get around here. Arthur and Merlin are out on a hunting trip by themselves and all seems well…until they are ambushed by a group of Morgana's men. The duo are separated, Arthur just escaping, but Merlin being caught. They take him back to Morgana, where she pro...

  • Magic. Merlin Oneshots
    9.6K 346 10

    Some Merlin oneshots, hopefully bringing some magic across. Most of it is the result of a very inspiring pinterest picture and a sleepless night.

  • Merthur Oneshots
    78.5K 1.8K 26

    I hope you enjoy these oneshots! They are all based on the BBC show "Merlin". There are quite a few sad ones, but also some uplifting ones! You can also find them on my instagram which is @/merthurians. Thank you!

  • Sweet Dreams
    54.8K 2.3K 7

    02×10 Sweet Dreams AU. What if it was Merlin's, not Gwen's, kiss that broke the enchantment? What would happen? How would Gwen react? What would Arthur do? Merthur. (I do not own Merlin.)

  • Merthur. Dreams coming true ✔
    435K 17.5K 49

    Merlin's been Arthurs manservant for four months. How long will it be until they have the courage to tell each other how they feel? Are they going to ignore the people who dislike their relationship. The prince of Camelot in love with a servant. Or to be more specific 'his manservant'. This is a Merthur love story. Y...

  • The King and His Sorcerer
    209K 10.2K 21

    I decided to expand on my Methur fanfic, and start their story from the very beginning. Merlin is a young warlock who somehow finds himself as the manservant to the prince of Camelot. At first, he cannot stand his princely employer, but when the two start to spend more time together they realise that there may be a fi...

  • Merthur - Arthur's Secret
    608K 27.4K 46

    Merlin AU Due to Nimueh using sorcery during Arthur's birth, Arthur was given the gift of magic. He has never told anyone. As Arthur and Merlin become closer, Arthur tries harder then ever to ensure his secret is never revealed. What will happen when Merlin finds out? Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin.

  • Merlin One-shots!
    14.9K 310 4

    DISCLAIMER: Hey! This book of one-shots will not include Merthur. Also it will have some scenes of depression and/or epic battling! Enjoy! Yayyyyy! BBC'S MERLIN OR THE KING ARTHUR LEGEND DOES NOT BELONG TO ME, NOR THE CHARACTERS. Just the story line! So don't sue me! ;) (BBC's possession my obsession:)

  • Be Careful
    24.4K 1K 16

    Tag to 2X9. It's been three months since Freya died, and Merlin is struggling with his grief. When an opportunity arises, will he let go? FINSIHED! Best ratings: #36 in Freya #221 in BBC WARNING: suicidal thoughts and mature themes. Use discretion when choosing to read this. Disclaimer: I don't own anything in this st...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Camelot Romance (A Merthur Fanfiction)
    66.9K 3K 37

    Modern AU Merlin Merlin lives in a small city with his mother Hunith. But after a family friend offers Merlin a scholarship at the school he works at as a teacher Merlins life changes completely. Soon he faces not only friendship but love as well. Although he can not completely shake his past off of him. Especially n...

  • Merthur - Missing
    177K 6.9K 8

    Arthur Pendragon begins to worry when his manservant, Merlin, stops showing up to work.

  • Forbidden - A Merthur fic
    246K 12.6K 14

    Uther Pendragon has hated sorcery since the very day it resulted in the death of his wife. He's ruled Camelot with an iron fist, murdering countless of innocent sorcerers in the public eye. He's raised his son, Arthur, to hate magic with equal passion. But what will Arthur's reaction be, when returning early from a hu...

  • Merthur: lost
    146K 4.4K 20

  • Merthur - How to Court an Idiot
    62.4K 2.8K 5

    Arthur Pendragon is hopeless when it comes to the act of courting. Having failed numerous attempts at courting his manservant, Merlin, Arthur turns to the only people he can think of for help: the Knights of the Round Table.

  • No Man Is Worth Your Tears (Merthur)
    177K 7K 25

    After Freya's death Merlin thinks he'll never find love again. But he couldn't be more wrong. As Arthur tries to cheer up his manservant they both discover something. Something that can't happen between them, not with Uther as king. Will their love be more powerful than the fear they feel? "We look each other in the e...