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  • Instinct
    712 93 8

    Survival against the odds. A Robinsonade story written for the final round of @LayethTheSmackdown 's contest.

  • A Sound of Blunder
    142 19 2

    It was a simple assignment. Just set time on its proper course, and don't screw up... Simple!

  • Prompted Fiction
    1.2K 152 20

    A self-challenge wherein I take a prompt found on the internet, and write whatever I am inspired to write. Expect to see a wide variety of genres - the only rules I've given myself is that what I write must be fictional, and it must, must, must be short.

  • Ooorah's SmackDown
    167 19 3

    Little stories written for Ooorah's SmackDown ! Cover done by Catrosie.

  • Gauntlet
    1.4K 146 28

    Contest entries • @LayethTheSmackdown by @Ooorah • Transcripted Quests by @TheCRYPTIC_ • @WattZombie Contests • The 6-Pack Challenge by @action • Vampires Everywhere! Challenge by @WattVampires • Changing Seasons Contest by @ChallengeCorner • @ParanormalCommunity Challenges • Write To Rank by @action

  • My Day at the Beach
    52 11 1

    Entry for the Smackdown

  • Beyond the Stars
    11.3K 800 31

    A collection of Sci-fi short stories written for various smackdown competitions held in the pub. The Earth moved: Basic picture round Deja Vous - Candlepunk and a continuation of the Earth moved. The Twilight Zone: A mash up of two stories: Classic - 'Pride and Prejudice' Trashic: 'Twilight' Resurrecti...

  • SmackDown #ooorah!
    542 54 10

    Entries for 'SmackDown: The Second Coming' and 'SmackDown: Back to our Roots' hosted by ooorah! Roughly a collection of prompt driven science fiction short stories.

  • Ooorah Smackdown 2016 Entries
    412 68 9

    My entries for the contest.

  • Rockets and Ray Guns - An Anthology of Sci-fi short stories
    2.7K 489 12

    A series of sci-fi short stories for @LayethTheSmackDown's new Smackdown

  • Ooorah! SmackDown 2016
    327 45 6

    My entries for the SmackDown.

  • Ooorah's Smackdown 2016
    1.1K 187 12

    1. Immortal: "No young man believes he shall ever die," said Stek, who had turned forty the week before. "But we both know that's not true, don't we? Just think of all that we could achieve if we didn't grow old and die just as we are getting started!" "What are you talking about?" Drexler asked, mystified. "Immortali...

  • Burn
    29 7 1

    Twilight at the end of the world