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  • The Oddity (A Percy Jackson/Harry Potter crossover)
    87.9K 2.8K 6

    Perseus Jackson was a strange person, Harry decided. He came from overseas, had the weirdest American accent, spoke strange sayings, had ADHD and dyslexia, and stood up for every kid. He was a Gryffindor, but consorted with Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, and even Slytherins. Perseus Jackson was a weird person, Harry Potter...

  • Tartarus Champion
    197K 3.8K 16

    Percy is banished to Tartarus and becomes the enemy against Camp Half-Blood. When he is captured during a mission, he reveals he is Tartarus' Champion. Can the Demigods turn him back to their side in time? Read to find out how he escapes CHB and overthrows Olympus, at least, that's the plan... (Updates are NOT often...

  • Percy Teaches At Hogwarts
    788K 20.1K 17

    After the giant war Percy is left alone in the world. He decides to leave camp and goes to London where he meets the goddess Hecate. In London he is asked to teach at a magic school, Hogwarts. Set after the giant war (the giant war didn't end like it did in BoO so there are no spoilers) and after the war against Volde...

  • Forgive, But Not Forget
    242K 4.7K 28

    Percy's life is divided to two parts. His life as a demigod and as a normal mortal highschooler. Everything was fine, until some of his hated people at his mortal life became a part of his demigod life as well. Now, Percy will have to deal with the foursome's presence at camp, and will the bullies' opinion of him some...

  • Demigods in highschool (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)
    2.2M 43.2K 68

    The seven plus Thalia, Nico, Calypso, and Reyna go to Goode high school. For all you percy jackson lovers. I do not own any PJO or Heroes of olympus characters Rick Riordan does and he's awesome. One thing to say all-though this is a fanfiction and the idea of "demigods going to high school" is a pretty widespread ide...