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  • The Eight Heroes
    11.7K 390 19

    Seven was always a lucky number. Seven powers means seven heroes. Seven teenagers. Till something strange happens. Eight powers are given out. Eight heroes. Among those are Shelby and Ross. Two cousins from poorer families. Jin and Sky. Two guards for the king. Aphmau. A girl from a decent family. Max. A hothead orph...

  • Not Gods, Holders
    33.7K 1.3K 33

    (CHARACTERS ARE NOT MINE! THE ONLY ONE WHO IS MINE IS GALAXIA! THE REST OF THEM DO NOT BELONG TO ME!) Holders are those who hold, create, and control an element. Holders are powerful beings created by God to help protect this world. Every 1,000 years a holder will become "retired" and live the life of a normal human w...

  • Government Experiments {AU}
    115K 4.6K 42

    Ever since they were little Adam (SkyDoesMinecraft), Max (Mithzan), Shelby (Shubble), Jess (Aphmau), Ross (YourPalRoss), and Cory (NewScapePro) have always lived in the captivity of the government. They were the experiments that the government conducted in silence, under the noses of the people. These six kids are la...

  • Aphmau's Mystreet Secret (Skymedia X Mystreet/Loveloveparadise)
    69.2K 1.6K 17

    What will happen when Katelyn finds a picture of 4 guys in Aphmau's room? What will happen when Aphmau's past comes back? What will happen when Aphmau's friends find out she's keeping secrets? Find out in: Aphmau's Mystreet Secret

  • Insanity Halls -A SkyMedia AU-
    19K 787 18

    These halls keep a secret

  • Five Nights At Sky Media
    11.7K 662 14

    Meet our protagonist, Max, who recently started a new job at Sky Media under the authority of his boss, Red. And to make things simple, his first night wasn't his best night. How will he survive the dump of horror and mysteries in five nights? DISCLAIMER : I do not own any of the content other than the plot and the bo...

  • THE DOCTOR (dr.ross x reader) [crafting dead fic]
    13.9K 580 8

    When it broke out you thought it was going to be curable, but you were wrong , You were forced to run use violence and scavenge .... Until you met him . You have trouble trusting him but he seems okay..... Right? If ross reads this .... I'm soooo sorry but the fan service

  • I Could Just Eat You Up {A "The Crafting Dead" Fanfiction}
    7.3K 272 15

    "What a wicked, wicked world" ___ *Based off the Original AMC series, The Walking Dead, and the Minecraft Series by SGCBarbierian on Youtube, The Crafting Dead* ___ **SPOILERS FOR BOTH SERIES. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK** ___ It may get a little gory, just a heads up

  • Redstoner Secrets
    13.3K 442 15

    This will be the hidden messages in Ross' Redstoner series, starting from Redstoner I Episode 15 and on. Hope you have a.... Rossome Time..... *Evil laugh*

  • Evil Team Crafted X Reader Oneshots (Closed)
    33.9K 659 22

    No, not the regular Team Crafted, the Evil Team Crafted One shots. Requests closed, but I have to catch up on late requests

  • Trapped In Minecraft(Team crafted X reader) Cancelled. Sorry!!
    33.4K 977 23

    (Y/n) Is a Player, that has been trapped in the popular game minecraft, the game had a glitch on the opening day of the new headset.. Millions had put on that headset and their physical and mental form was sucked into the game, Including some youtubers, or specifically, Team Crafted.. The game was on normal, and many...

  • RedVacktor X Reader
    29.2K 933 23

    your the sister of Shelby and the cousin of Ross You are 21 you and Shelby were one Year Apart. Shelby and Ross takes u to skymedia to Meet and make new Friends..but one guy Becomes more then just friends... Redvacktor x Reader

  • Sky Media X reader
    29.5K 538 24

    I know Ross and Max aren't in Sky media anymore but I will do one shots/ images using them. If the one shots/ images suck I'm sorry. This is only my second book with one shots/ images in it. You'll understand who I'm writing about. If I mess up with Barney because of his accent it's not my fault, my iPod will autocorr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hectic at the Office (Boyfriend Scenarios)
    38.2K 878 13

    In this story is Adam, Ross, Max, Red, and John a.k.a. Barney. There are different types of scenarios. Hope you enjoy!!

  • Mithzan x Reader | The Neighbor
    297K 10.2K 46

    You move into a new apartment complex and you have some loud neighbors. Across from you lives a man named Max and his roommate Ross. (a piece from chapter 1) I rub my eyes and groaned from being woken up "this is the second time this week" I said getting walking to the front door and opening it "this can't keep happe...

  • Me and My House | YourPalRoss x Reader /House_Owner x Reader
    13.2K 235 20

    You and your best friend Adam both get your YouTube channels compromised when you find a post on Twitter. He takes you to record a video to help fix the incident. You end up meeting some of his friends and you decide to get to know them. You may find out some weird things about his office, and befriending some new peo...

  • Alphabet Boy (YourPalRoss X reader) COMPLETED
    3.2K 119 5

    Always aiming paper airplanes at me when you're around~ You build me up like building blocks so you can bring me down~ You can crush my candy cane and you'll never catch me cry~ If you dangle that diploma and I deck you don't be surprised~ I know my ABC's yet you keep teaching me~

  • This Time It's Not A Dream (MithzanXReader)
    45.8K 1.9K 39

    This is book 2 to 'The Mad One (MithzanXReader)' Ross had a dream. A different dream. He wanted it to come true. So he went to New York with the gang to find her. To find (Y/n).

  • Married Because Of A Dream (Mithzan X Reader) Book 3
    7.3K 366 14

    Once upon a time..- Hold up. Why am I starting it out like this?! AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT! Let's just say the important things, okay? (Y/n), Ross' best friend/crush from high school and the beautiful Max fell in love! BUT it turned out to be Ross' dream.. *Le sigh* So the gang went on a journey to New York to go...

  • The Mad One (Max X Reader)
    150K 5K 38

    You are ross' best friend from high school. When he takes you to work in the offices you meet Max, the editor..

  • Facts Of These Idiots (Ross, Barney, Max, Adam/Sky & Red) ~Done~
    76.3K 3.1K 53

    Facts of the idiots I love. House_Owner, ThatGuyBarney, MithZan and SkyDoesMinecraft

  • My Love for You is Unbelievable (Redvacktor X Reader) 《DISCONTINUED》
    30.8K 1K 23

    The description is inside

  • Finding Myself {NewScapePro x Reader}
    54.9K 1.6K 40

    [UNDER EDITING] "Y/n, you are adopted and you have a brother who lives in Seattle. His name is Max. You are going to move to Seattle so you can be closer to some real family." Who knew three sentences could change my life forever. This is my story. I'm just now starting to find myself.

  • The best of skydoesminecraft (completed)
    24.2K 723 49

    Here we look at some of the funniest and awesomest times of out beloved Adam and his friends. 8th on the list of Skydoesminecraft.

  • Love Actually (skydoesminecraft x reader)
    50.5K 1.6K 18

    You two both grew up together only to find each other and to fall in love, actually.

  • Adopted by Adam (max x reader) -COMPLETE-
    118K 3.2K 38

    So yea I'm a unicorn