Mithzan x Reader | The Neighbor

Mithzan x Reader | The Neighbor

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Author By BlackrockChanged Completed

You move into a new apartment complex and you have some loud  neighbors. Across from you lives a man named Max and his roommate Ross.

(a piece from chapter 1)

I rub my eyes and groaned from being woken up "this is the second time this week" I said getting walking to the front door and opening it "this can't keep happening... It's 4am ugh"

"Ross give the the fucking necklace!" A male voice shout and a bang 

"E-Excuse me!" I shouted knocking on the door shivering slightly from the brisk morning air 

The door opened to reveal a man with messy short curly reddish hair and a short beard "hm?" He said putting a golden Z necklace on

"I-I just moved here. And I was trying to sleep and... Uhh you guys woke me up" I said nervously looking at him 

He sighed "well sorry for that we were just about to get to work when, some little shit took my necklace!" He growled slightly and looked at me "my name is Max, what's yours?" 

I smiled shyly "My name is (Y/N)"

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