Finding Myself {NewScapePro x Reader}

Finding Myself {NewScapePro x Reader}

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"Y/n, you are adopted and you have a brother who lives in Seattle. His name is Max. You are going to move to Seattle so you can be closer to some real family."

Who knew three sentences could change my life forever.

This is my story. I'm just now starting to find myself.

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SmileyRylee36 SmileyRylee36 Dec 22, 2017
I'm actually wheezing
                              THEY THOUGHT ROSS' NAME WAS FREAKING ROB
Ran_Howell65 Ran_Howell65 May 11, 2017
Having a nice talk with max then adam just freakin ruin the talk xD this made my day
Risen-Devil Risen-Devil Jan 30, 2017
*Face Palm* could of put H/C for people that don't have a shade of red hair.
EmmaBabowitch EmmaBabowitch Oct 10, 2016
me : looks at recimended  or how ever u spell it cory x reader (next to it) Dantdm x reader FUDGE OFF DAN ;-; XD
LionTheHufflepuff LionTheHufflepuff Aug 04, 2016
Heheheheheheheh.. As you can tell, I'm a Phan.. (I don't ship Phan but yeah..) It should be easy to tell because of my profile pic.. and ILYSM now for that!!
hoiImJustWeird hoiImJustWeird Jan 10, 2017
My friend named me 'amazing stupid fangirl  is not on fire' in her contacts