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  • Cryptic Asunder [Book One](Complete)
    1.9K 397 39

    I am moving this story and my other polished works to RoyalRoad. Wattpad is my beta site now. A life full of joy and tragedy, Vila's story begins with the very person she despises. Thankfully, a man by the name of Sommi rescues her from the clutches of her master. Years go by with her bubble of ignorance to what goes...

  • Jade
    23.8K 1.8K 25

    |COMPLETED| How can a girl's life turn upside-down from the second she was born? Easy. Her eyes. (Under editing by @caligirl621)

    31K 1.6K 13

    --Winner of the Teen Fiction Awards: Voice Category (hosted by @youngadultreads) --HIGHEST RANKING: #15 Science Fiction 3/28/2017 --A Sci-Fi/Fantasy Wattpad Novel Two girls. Two separate lives. Two different sides of the same coin. Elayne Woodson always thought she was just an ordinary girl. Like everyone else her a...

  • Remembrance
    19 3 1

    Losing her family to a car crash was hard on Tessa, losing her memories was harder. Now she embarks on a journey of self fulfilment. To remember her family, to regain her life and to regain her memories. This is a tale of Remembrance.

  • Whatever You Say [HOLD]
    989 168 7

    Jane calls me Mary. Michael calls me Mary. But Mary is not my name. I have no name. ~♛~ 'Mary' has been at the facility since she was 10, in the year 2362. Before that...well, she can't remember anything before that. And for six years she never questioned anything...

  • The Azul Awards 2017 | CLOSED
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    We are The Azul Awards. We want to celebrate talent on Wattpad but we need your help to do it. If you are interested please read our awards.

  • For All It's Worth
    93 6 6

    "You promise you will come back back?" "You have my word, for all it's worth."

  • Made of Starlight
    324 16 6

    Alexa Bell is a good girl, sweet and innocent, who takes care of her four younger siblings and terminally ill mother after her father's death. Her father was a wealthy businessman, but he hid his money somewhere before he died, and now no one can find it. Before he passed, he arranged for Alexa to marry his friend's...