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  • dustin x reader stranger things
    23.2K 495 22

    you are will byers neighbor and childhood best friend. you slip into a coma just as will dissapears, so you sometimes forget about him dissapearing. you meet a boy who is wills best friend. he was terrified when will disappeared. though he came back, he has had nightmares, and other terrible thing since that horrific...

  • A toothy grin Dustin Henderson x reader
    18.6K 452 24

    what happens when a popular girl troy's sister chooses the losers over popularity read to find out.

  • Mine||A Finn Wolfhard and Noah Schnapp x Reader •COMPLETED•
    137K 2.9K 35

    Just read it so the excitement is still there.

    Completed   Mature
  • Finn Wolfhard imagine |neighbors|
    107K 2.2K 60

    What happens when you move next door to a cute boy named Finn Wolfhard? Romance, adventures, drama all in one!

  • The Next Chapter // Riverdale
    12.5K 337 11

    "We didn't realize we were making memories we just knew we were having fun" -Winnie the Pooh Basically it's a squad in college AU! Enjoy!

    8.4K 165 5

    in which two lovers from the past cross paths again

  • Adopted by Luke hemmings
    54.6K 1.3K 29

    "What's your name love?" "Julie" "how old are you?" I held up three fingers. "Your three?" I just nodded. "Pack your bag we will adopt you" I'm Julie a three year old girl in Anna's orphanage for little boys and girls How will Julie's life be with the boys? How will she deal with the fans? And most of all what is he...

  • Arkadia High- A Bellarke Story
    91.4K 2.3K 33

    After Clarke moves to a new country and a new school, she finds an unlikely friend in the biggest jock of the school, the one and only Bellamy Blake. On the outside, he is a brick wall: no feelings about anything. On the inside, however, is a whole different story. The story that these two leave behind is all up to t...

  • If She Only Knew ( A Logan Lerman Fanfiction)
    211K 3.6K 37

    19 year old Abigal Colliins, the sister of the actor Dean Collins, is plagued by her obnoxious brother and his self-absorbed best friend Logan Lerman, until one thing changes it all. Will Abby and Logan ever be the same? WARNING: Adult Language If She Only Knew © 2013 TheErudite All Rights Reserved

  • Special Cast, Special Love [Logan Lerman's Secret Tale]
    100K 1.7K 49

    Let me introduce you to Lee Campbell, a first year college girl who has never given a damn on anything in her life. What is going to happen if she got pissed off by her class enemy and, blinded with anger, signed up for an audition held by Logan Lerman? How will the teen react when she realized that Logan wasn't sweet...

  • The Sophomore (Glee Fanfiction)
    108K 1.8K 106

    I never know that The Sophomore guy can change my whole life. He is my first love and my first experience in love since I never find the right guy but then he came along and changed everything in my life. He is the best thing that I ever had. He is the blonde one. ~~~~ Emily Hudson. Finn Hudson's twin sister. A studen...

  • Steps
    28.2K 999 25

    Before Cisco, Leah's life was what some might call, boring. To her, it was safe. There were no run-ins with heroes, no crazy programs she had to write, and definitely no one curled up beside her every single night. But he came along, he smiled, and her once stable life was forever doomed. He took her hand and guided h...

  • We Are the Impossible {the Flash/Barry Allen}
    52.4K 1.7K 10

    Rebecca Glass was a very intelligent CIA field operative. When she first heard of STAR labs' particle accelerator, she was greatly intrigued, and made plans to visit central city with two of her best friends, not knowing she'd end up stuck in a coma for eleven months, only to find her fellow operatives dead a few days...

  • Always on my mind ~ Barry Allen
    181K 5.5K 32

    Iris West and Barry Allen had a friend named Angela Timko. They were three peas in a pod. Angela was your average happy little girl with a single mom and two best friends. But good things don't always last forever. Her mother was murdered so her mothers former fiancé took her in until the foster system found her birth...

  • Travlyn: The Hard Couple by ThatCutieKitten
    7K 263 7

    Take a journey through the lives of Travis and Katelyn, and after they started dating! This is a completely separate story and might contribute to the Aarmau story. Enjoy!

  • The New Baby ~ Bratayley Fanfiction
    3.6K 79 7

    Billy and Katie have a new baby! Or babies, more like triplets (xD) Hayley then feels replaced by her new siblings, and she runs away from home. Will the family find Hayley before she gets completely lost? Read to find out INSPIRED BY A ROLEPLAY ON HANGOUTS Thx to @BratAcroHayCaleb, @rubythehairmaster04, and @Ashleynu...

  • Caleb, is that you?
    39.2K 932 12

    On October 1st 2015, we lost an angel and fans hearts went with him on his journey to the end of his life. But one day will change his family's' life forever.

  • !!!!!ON HOLD!!!!! Adopted by skydoesminecraft
    15.1K 358 84

    Brennan is a 11 year old boy who has always been a fan of skydoesminecraft. What will happen after he gets adopted by him and gets ancient power from (well you will just have to read to find out)

  • The Life of Annie
    7.4K 217 8

    Years after Annie's sister, Hayley, disappears, Annie (age 15, almost 16) goes through hard times in life. She's about to turn 16, which is going to be a big change. Getting a car, getting to do things an older teenager can finally do. Her family is going through some hard times, and injuries in her new sport (cheer)...

  • Percabeth
    60.6K 1.6K 9

    Gods, demigods, mortals, etc. meeting Percabeth. Some chapters might just be fluff, headcannons, AUs, whatever. I take suggestions. Updates almost every week! ***MAY HAVE SPOILERS*** Also I obviously don't own PJO or HoO.

  • Annabeth at Goode
    96.3K 2K 13

    NOTE: This book is on hold for the time being for major updates, changing, and editing. Also it's not really focused on Annabeth at Goode right now ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Annabeth at Goode. Three words everyone wants to hear. What happens when Annabeth ditches the usual California school year, and join...

  • Percabeth at 21
    66.9K 1.3K 28

    Percabeth at 21 is about Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase's story past the teen years. No dirty. A little bit of language. Percabeth in my opinion isn't about the dirty stuff. It's about how their love shines through everything. It brings sunshine to Tartarus. Okay enough rambling now read. : )

  • Hello From The Other Side | A Bratayley Story
    16.2K 481 6

    When Annie is diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, like Caleb, everyone is anxiously awaiting to see if she will survive or say hello from the other side.

  • zodiac signs ❥
    41.4K 1.5K 140

    zodiac signs ❥ l.p.

  • Mithzan don't leave
    204K 3.7K 58

    You go to visit your bro sky when you meet his friends. Will you make a connection with one of them or be forever alone. Will Sky be mad when he finds out.

  • ~A Rossome Love Story~ House_Owner X Reader {Completed!}
    53.2K 1.6K 22

    You are a normal 18 year old girl with a big brother named Adam (Skydoesminecraft). You go to Seattle to pursue your dream to become a famous YouTuber like your older brother. You never knew that you might find your true love as well... (Sorry, I'm bad at descriptions xD)

  • Bend (A Shelax Fanfiction)
    12.5K 250 15


  • Adopted by Team Crafted?! *Discontinued 18/2/19*
    2.4K 94 14

    My name is Kylie I've lived in the orphanage all my life until one day.

  • Don't trust Anyone RedVacktor X Reader. Book one.
    60.7K 2.2K 59

    You have been with your mom, sister, and Dad forever. Your Farfar ( fathers father in Swedish) died and your dad started drinking. After he started drinking he started pushing around your mom and abusing you. It was like this for 2 years. It is now December 18tb one day before your birthday. Your mom and sister died i...