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  • Pictures of Will Ryan (DAGames)
    20.3K 1.1K 144

    I hate my life so i made this.

  • Roxy Shizzle
    30 4 1

    This book contains everything about the animal queen and smoothie making goddess herself, our lord and savior, Roxy (no last name given)

  • Snicker's Book 1- Oh Yay, This Again
    276 22 8

    Oh good god... when will I ever stop with these? Never!

  • I S S U E S
    79 6 2

    Oh I have issues

  • Pictures n Sheit
    135 7 3

    Pictures of doggos

  • Art Book 7!
    12.8K 2K 200


  • my art
    484 27 8

    I will draw for free.....I'll try my best

  • Babyplier
    91.4K 3K 65

    Markiplier woke up one morning and felt strange. "Maybe it was that Mexican food from last night?" He thought. But the problem was much bigger than that.

  • My drawings (on laptop)
    382 21 6

    Just a bunch on drawings...i did :3 I really love to draw :3 (All draw including cover belong to me)

  • Symbols ~A Gravity Falls Fanfic~
    176K 6.3K 39

    Eliza O'Kelly moves to Gravity Falls expecting a normal life, but the town and its residence quickly prove her wrong. Things especially go haywire after she befriends twins Dipper and Mabel Pines. Together, the trio embark on a dangerous journey, uncovering the biggest mysteries of Gravity Falls and angering triangula...