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  • When Gravity Falls
    8.2K 413 31

    [Before you say, ew another OC story, trust me this is gonna be a good book, and plz don't steal my original idea, it's Gabster Copyrited] Summary: Gabriella Stars wakes up in a hole holding a strange book. When she finally gets out, she sees a boy looking at her in curiosity and later his twin sister. They are the Pi...

  • Wendip Love Story
    18.8K 381 21

    Dipper and Mabel are 16 so are Wendy is 16 and Parker (Pacifica's brother) is 16 too. Wendy is TOTALLY clueless that Dipper likes her... Bill will be in this book and Bill WILL like Mabel. Robbie is here to. This book is mostly about Wendip though... It just has a person for everyone... Even Robbie and Bill

  • Don't get too close (#Wattys2015) (#Feels)
    60.7K 2.3K 22

    Mabel can't find a date for the huge dance Pacifica is organizing. But is summoning Bill Cipher really the best option?

  • A Summer in Gravity Falls; Bill x Reader x Dipper
    432K 18K 68

    y/n- your name h/l - hair length h/c-hair color e/c- eye color f/c-favorite color ----------- THATS IT!! hope you enjoy my fan fiction of gravity falls THANKS!!!! I suck in Details ...sooooo deal with it xD

  • The Prices You Pay for Love
    12.5K 409 9

    This is the sequel to "Age is Just a Number". Follow Dipper after he time travels back to the beginning of the summer and tries to win over past Wendy. However, trouble is brewing. His time travel messed something up; something unimaginable. Will Dipper be able to solve the issues he brought with time travel? Will he...

  • A New Beginning Bill x reader x Dipper [Sequel]
    115K 5.2K 51

    Ok my amazing people~ this is the sequel to 'A summer in Gravity Falls' so....if you haven't read it yet....Read it now so you wouldn't be confused ____•______•______•_______•___ Its Been 3 months since Y/n left Gravity falls....Its been 3 months since Mabel,Bill and Dipper last saw her...until one faithful day- A ver...

  • The Things We Leave Behind (Gravity Falls Fic)
    24.6K 1.1K 55

    ***This is the fanfic formerly known as "A Battle With Himself"*** So Higher Flight (inter-universal police force) has picked up a new universe on it's radar: Gravity Falls. Time to send an agent to scout it out. And who better to send than Saige McBlaire, the spunky red-head addicted to adventure? It's all going well...

  • Age is just a number
    135K 3.4K 38

    Looking for Wendip? (And a little Dipcifica?) Look no further! This fanfic starts right before Wendy tells Dipper she's too old for him. However, after she does say that she regrets it. Will Wendy be able to tell her true feelings to Dipper? Or will their age difference come between true love?