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  • I Never Promised You a Moon Colony
    2.3K 202 1

    WINNER of Margaret Atwood's 'Dear 2114' #FutureLibrary Contest! I attempt to answer the prompt: Write a story about the advice you would give the world in 2114. Listen very closely, future people. Or not. Your choice. (Cover designed by Amber K Bryant. Cover image and chapter image have no known copyright restricti...

  • Magic #Futurelibrary
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    It's the year 2114 . . . and the grand opening of the Future Library! Read about this amazing event from two perspectives: The girl who's never seen a real book before And the woman who wants to see the magic one last time

  • Dear 2114
    841 51 1

    A person thinks about a tree, and a tree thinks about everything. A winning story of the incredibly talented Margaret Atwood's short story competition for the Future Library.

  • Treasure * Contest Winner*
    1.2K 105 1

    ***** Winner of Future Library contest conducted by Margaret Atwood, Katie Paterson and Future Library Project. ******** "Go throw your TV set away, And in its place you can install A lovely bookshelf on the wall" - Roald Dahl. ************* Old grandparents are out on a motive to teach some values to their bratty gra...

  • Prime
    1.7K 272 5

    TOP FIVE WINNER in the Dear 2114 Writing Contest - Write the Future with Margaret Atwood. In 2114, what will it mean to be together? To be apart? What if, when the next step in evolution occurs, you get left out? Would you choose to catch up, or hold on to your existence? Approximately 3400 words *I had originally pa...