TOP FIVE WINNER in the Dear 2114 Writing Contest - Write the Future with Margaret Atwood. In 2114, what will it mean to be together? To be apart?  What if, when the next step in evolution occurs, you get left out? Would you choose to catch up, or hold on to your existence?
Approximately 3400 words

*I had originally paired Radiohead songs with each chapter, but the videos I used were blocked. So here are my song choices.
1. Paranoid Android
2. Fake Plastic Trees
3. Subterranean Homesick Alien
4. Nice Dream
5. Airbag

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nngabor nngabor Jun 27, 2015
Wow-am loving this so far. Very curious to see who these other people are and what happened to them. Congrats on the award!
LeighWStuart LeighWStuart Jun 22, 2015
Still the wonderful atmosphere. I love how you can create a story with a few simple lines that would take me a full page of unrelenting text! That's a great talent.
Fairytale_Fabler Fairytale_Fabler Jun 20, 2015
Congratulations, Kris! And thanks for putting this competition into perspective. Great minds will only resort to evil if there are no other options. That doesn't have to be our 2114...
Maggy-Mae Maggy-Mae Jun 20, 2015
Cool perspective. Very creative I must add. Well done and congrats :)
JennicaWells JennicaWells Jun 13, 2015
Theme: "The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation" .  Well done Inchausti.  You're so very good.
theattentivesoul theattentivesoul Jun 09, 2015
I enjoyed this first installment! The thoughts behind your story are so true (addiction to tech and "connection"). Looking forward to more!