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  • So This Is How It Began (Drabbles Of People Loving Nico)
    31.7K 888 14

    Accepting requests!!! p.s. thanks for 8k reads edit: 13k !!! Edit on edit:CHRIST 19.5K???? More to come soon ;) 3/25/17 Why am I like this?? So I'm going to write some rn before I forget 6/24/17 This is now a book where everyone is loving Nico! Some will be poems or short stories from his lover's pov! I will personall...

  • 30 Day OTP Challenge: Reigisa
    4.2K 286 15

    The 30 OTP challenge for Rei and Nagisa! Enjoy! ^_^

  • Johndave canon moments
    17.8K 470 10

    Here is why Johndave is real So please like And vote And comment And see how this is frikin real

  • Blue eyes, glistening snow. ((JohnDave))
    24.9K 1.1K 9

    Dave is going to Johns for Christmas, but he runs into a few bumps in the road! Also, John and Dave are hiding something from each other, will they confess? Will they finally be together?

  • DaveJohn
    2.8K 172 1

    Short story on DaveJohn fluff ahahaaha

  • He Loves Me Not (ReiGisa)
    3.3K 162 1

    A ReiGisa short story ;A; •Let me know if I should do more• •Check out my MakoHaru short story, Drowning in Fears• •Message me if you need/want or if you have question• •Like/Comment/Share• ••CREDIT TO ARTIST FOR ARTWORK•• ||Update: 2/3/17 It's been a little over a year since I wrote this story and it's so embarrassin...

  • Contigent Love
    1.2K 42 1

    A collection of one-shot REIGISA drabbles

  • Solangelo: A Fresh Start
    215K 9.3K 45

    12/31/14 Placed 32nd place on Wattpad "Solangelo" fanfiction ranking system. 01/16/15 Placed 24th placenon Wattpad "Solangelo" fanfiction ranking system. 02/8/15 17th place on Wattpad "Solangelo" fanfiction ranking system. 03/23/15 8th place on Wattpad "Solangelo" fanfiction ranking system. Thanks you! so much guys...

  • Save it for a rainy day (JohnDave) boyxboy
    952 72 1

    John and Dave are kept over at school due to a storm

  • If I Left- a Reigisa one-shot
    1.6K 93 1

    Nagisa has been acting extremely strange, and to Rei's frustration, he just won't open up. That is, until the male has to take action and figure it out. My first fanfiction, eek. Hope I'm not too awful. •///• NONE OF THE ART IS MINE! I CREDIT THE OWNERS FULLY.

  • Sweet Things
    1.1K 47 1

    JohnDave sort of college au oneshot. I think I have a problem. (Mature ((sexual)) content)

  • Shipper's Paradise - A JohnDave oneshot
    1K 49 1

    A short JohnDave fanfic in which I shamelessly insert myself into the story and orchestrate a relationship between the knight of time and the heir of breath. Rated PG-13 for cussing

    Completed   Mature
  • When I Met You
    748 33 1