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  • Secret Admirer : Muke
    217K 14.4K 35

    michael, thats kind of the point of a secret admirer. its a secret for a reason. [ lowercase intended ] ©2014 PunkRockCal (lionsandcoffee) / L. Cecilia

  • cinderblock garden - muke
    690 71 3

    i'll be the boy with the silver lining, you'll be the g̶i̶r̶l̶ boy with the cinderblock garden or the one in which michael is genderfluid and louise spends all of his time in his garden [coming winter 2015]

  • german kisses ❂ muke au {c}
    28.9K 1.8K 36

    «I like your accent Lucas.» «Thanks Michael, I like yours too.» ©IdBang5SOS

  • west hills [muke af]
    251K 22.2K 42


  • Black Cat ♕muke.boyxboy♕ hybrid! completed
    81.6K 4K 31

    four boys. three aren't completely boys. two are wanted criminals. one isn't even human. - hybrid! completed lowercase intended side cashton start {8.3.15} fin {11.7.15} ©All Rights Reserved - collarbonemuke WARNING: this is my first book, it's shit and I hate it but I can't be fucked to tak...

  • How To Be A Guy ♕muke.boyxboy♕
    4.8K 402 14

    "Michael, I have a dick!" "Calm down Lucy, let me see." - Lucy is in love with her gay best friend and when she turns into a guy she thinks maybe, just maybe she has a chance - start {14.7.15} ©All Rights Reserved - collarbonemuke

  • Here Kitty, Kitty ; muke [completed]
    79.3K 5K 52

    ❝I... I saved you!❞ ❝Yeah, you did - but you're still a pathetic freak!❞ Or the one where the Hemmings family are hide-out hybrids living with the Cliffords WARNING: Mature Content (sexual relations, language, violence, drug/alcohol use) mikeyuwu | Muke Clemmings | Written with crying-underwater

    Completed   Mature
  • Wherever You Are ; muke [completed]
    34.3K 2.2K 28

    "Everybody has to leave their home and come back so they can love it again for all new reasons." WARNING: Mature Content (suicide, self-harm, sexual relations, language, violence) wildfl0wermc | Muke Clemmings | Sequel to Long Way Home

    Completed   Mature
  • Coming Home | muke au
    26K 2.4K 13

    "You're coming home soon, right?" "I sure hope so." "Your side of the bed is getting cold." "Keep it warm for me, will ya?" -- Or when Michael is hospitalized with cancer and Luke is his boyfriend.

  • gravity ➳ muke
    41.5K 3.4K 25

    In which a rather average boy who likes to make new friends gravitates towards the one who never speaks. // all rights reserved © ashtonsos twenty-fourteen

  • Ticket • muke
    53.8K 4.2K 33

    They were each others ticket to happiness. - ©methmuke2015

  • Diary ➸ Muke
    2.4K 160 17

    Luke writes small notes in his diary, but who other than his own bully, Michael, would get ahold of it and realize it's just a misread suicide note. *SLOW UPDATES*

    231K 18.6K 32

    In which Michael is innocent, and doesn't speak up for himself and Luke is protective over him. innocent!mikey protective!luke PUBLISHED SUMMER 2015 ©copyright gayboyharry

    Completed   Mature
  • all the bright places//muke (cs)
    87 6 1

    "i'm worried about you" based off novel of the same name

  • We are not friends {Muke♡}
    652 59 9

    Friends just sleep in another bed, And friends don't treat me like you do. Well I know that there's a limit to everything, But my friends won't love me like you. muke with some cashton on the side

  • La Douleur Exquise // Muke {Completed}
    22.8K 2.3K 34

    La Douleur Exquise (French): The heart-wrenching pain of wanting someone you can't have. Tw: domestic abuse

    Completed   Mature
  • conjoined {} siamese!muke [cs]
    2.3K 197 1

    "we are siamese if you please-" "shut the fuck up luke and itch my crotch." luke and michael are inseperable, literally. copyright; brighteyedirwin

  • notes to you: muke
    41.7K 3.7K 11

    luke made a mistake michael left luke now luke is writing michael notes begging him to come back muke ofc lowercase intended book two in letter series sequel to hand notes Translations for the book are in the reading list called "translations"

  • hand notes: muke
    137K 10.3K 19

    in which luke falls asleep during class and michael writes notes on his hands muke lower case intended book one in letter series translations for book are in the reading list titled "translations"

  • Jail Birds | Muke AU |
    743 72 7

    "I'm jealous of the birds. They can fly away wherever they want, while I'm trapped behind the prison gates. I think- I think I've always felt trapped," Michael Clifford is part of one of the biggest gangs in the city, and a criminal. Luke is wrongly accused of one of his crimes and sent to jail. Here, Michael visits h...

    551K 28.6K 30

    "You didn't know I could love you this much, did you?" dominant!michael innocent!luke #1 in GAYHORROR copyright © gayboyharry

  • 3:00AM ; muke
    1.1M 57.1K 134

    ; the one where michael always wakes up at 3:00AM. (highest rank: #47 fanfiction)

  • gbf ♡ larry
    2.7K 253 6

    "it's the hottest happening right now" "it's sickening." "it's a terrible idea." "what does it even mean?" "it's the gay best friend." or when two best friends use a gay locating app and things don't go according to plan.

  • porcelain ☆ muke
    343K 21.2K 54

    "so pretty," luke hummed. "like porcelain." ☆ punk!luke innocent!michael © 2015 gayboymuke most of this book is humerus so please don't take offense to anything or be rude bc you don't like it. okay bye. - #4 bottom!michael

  • Beauty and the Idiot ☹ Muke
    76.9K 6.4K 28

    "Why do you always wear that mask?" Luke asked. The boy shook his head stubbornly. What Luke didn't realize was -- behind that mask. the boy was crying.

    Completed   Mature
  • Swapped ☹ Muke
    145K 10.2K 32

    Michael and Luke hate each other, and it was obvious to everybody. Until one day their bandmates got tired of it, and did something to show them what their rival lived like. Quite literally. Because they woke up in the opposites body. ☹☼

    Completed   Mature
  • Lurk // Muke {Completed}
    58.6K 5K 32

    We should ride to a place that we don't know / To a place where no ones seen us before In which enemies Michael and Luke are forced to go on a roadtrip by Ash and Cal

    Completed   Mature
  • Reckless Abandon // Muke Sequel {Completed}
    49.9K 3.9K 31

    We left a scar, size extra large In which everything is so much more difficult and Luke realises life is pretty damn hard Sequel to Sexualities

  • a week of him // muke
    2.7K 225 10

    "I love you." "Lets just be friends?"

    Completed   Mature