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  • Héroes (La leyenda de Zelda)
    9.6K 438 19

    En un diamante que se elevaba al cielo, el héroe clamaba a su amada que no lo devolviese a su tiempo, pues su tiempo estaba donde ella, pero no lo escucho. Retrocedió un poco mas en el tiempo de lo previsto, el suficiente para voltearse cuando aun era momento dejando a una princesa mirando por la ventana a su padre...

  • Navi: A Legend of Zelda Novel
    134 19 11

    Navi's perspective during Link's adventures

  • Link's Fairy (LoZ OoT fanfic book) [On Hold For a Long While]
    2.1K 50 10

    We've all played Ocarina of Time! It's a classic. But, have you ever seen it through Navi, the 'helpful' fairy's POV. Follow Navi as she flutters around and guides Link, through the twist and turns of Hyrule and all the other places they visit. What if something happens where Navi has to step up and fight? Will she ma...

  • GameOver (The Legend Of Zelda, Mario Bros AU)
    324 9 7

    Based Off Of Spring Breakers, Orange Is The New Black, And Video Games ;) Link And His Gang Got Way To Wasted one night And End Up In Arkham Asylum. Now The World Needs Their Heroes When Evil Strikes Fandomopolis. But First, Link And His Friends Got To Escape Their Own Hell (Jail) The Legend Of Zelda, Street Fighter...

  • La Leyenda de Zelda: El Héroe Dorado
    24.4K 1K 18

    La ultima leyenda de Zelda. Un mal muy antiguo es liberado, una joven princesa llena de esperanza desaparece y un mundo oscuro y desolado son lo que queda. La Historia de un héroe dirigiéndose hacia su destino, viajando por el tiempo y el espacio en busca de la salvación. Los vínculos ancestrales de otros héroes y lo...

  • zelda: la otra realidad...
    1.1K 47 5

    bueno esta historia esta hecha con los personajes del videojuego the legend of zelda pero la historia es alternativa

  • The Legend of Zelda - Soul Song
    40.6K 1.3K 31

    The Legend of Zelda returns like you've never seen it before to follow Link on his journey to Hyrule as he races to save Zelda from certain death. But this time, the future of The Legend of Zelda may be in jeopardy. With Zelda's soul seperated from her body, Ganondorf's own soul now resides inside it, laying waste to...

  • Incognito (Zelda Fanfiction)
    6.9K 194 12

    The hero of time has not stepped on the lands of Hyrule since he was young. Eleven years later, the goddesses discover that he is in the modern world with no memory of his true identity! Meanwhile, since the disappearance of the young hero, the kingdom of Hyrule was taken over by Ganondorf who has Zelda held captive...

  • Link y Clara I Aquella historia (1a parte)
    32.8K 1.7K 105

    Bueno he aquí mi nuevo libro, este trata del amor de Clara y Link ya que si an leido mi libro anterior entenderan de que estoy hablando, exacto esta historia explica aquello tan misterioso que le ocurrió a Clara y nadie save que fué, solo digo que es una hermosa historia de amor y de la tristeza que con lleva ser un h...

  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Desperation
    27.4K 760 26

    After Link's quest in Twilight Princess, he could no longer relate to those he sacrificed his sanity for. After the things he has seen, he knows there's only two people he can relate to; one he has an odd relationship with, and one who lies in an unreachable dimension. His desperation unveils a whole new quest he crea...

  • Legend of Zelda: Change of Historia
    3K 160 30

    This is a story about a girl named Lauren. Nothing new, Lauren is just like any other Hylian in Hyrule but she doesn't know is that her life will change forever just by meeting another girl who might change her thoughts on her small little life for good.

  • The Legend of Zelda: Wrong Time
    50K 2K 33

    Based on Nintendo's fantastic game, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, two young teenagers are tasked with saving the entire world. The challenge is that one of them doesn't know who she is. Link plucks Zelda from her world in normal, modern day Boston and brings her back home to the troubled, medieval Hyrule to ta...