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  • Scott's Mate (Scott McCall)
    951K 18.8K 28

    'You Must Realize, Danger Is Very Real, But Fear... Fear Is A Choice' * Ariana Pierce just moved from London to Beacon Hills. Yes, she may be a bad ass, crazy, sexy, female Alpha but she isn't invincible. She ends up getting thrown into more supernatural drama in Beacon Hills. Shocking secrets will be revealed. But t...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Youngest (Teen Wolf)
    1.1M 28.3K 28

    Scott's 3 year old sister who is way too intelligent for her age and may be a little more implicated in the Supernatural than they thought... "Hush little baby, don't say a word Wolfie's gonna buy you a Mockingbird And if that Mockingbird won't sing Wolfie's gonna buy you a diamond ring..."

    Completed   Mature
  • The baby, the Alphas and the Fox (Book 3)
    379K 10.1K 31

    A Forest Wolf is a wolf who can "control" the forest. A cub searches for power trough the most powerful being near them. With a pack of Alphas and Nogitsune, this should be a fun ride, don't you think?

  • Like Real People Do -Dustin Henderson-
    55.2K 1.6K 12

    •sequel to 'It Will Rain'• In everything he was and everything he will be, she wanted to be there for it. For everything. No matter the cost. And nobody is going to get in her way. • I had a thought dear however scary about that night. Honey just put your sweet lips on my lips, we should just kiss like Real People D...

  • Little Wolf (The Youngest Sequel)
    533K 13.4K 31

    Kylie's back for another adventure!!! Once more, Scott, Stiles, Allison and Kylie are confronted to a new vilain. Not mentioning Lydia that was bitten, but isn't transforming? What the hell is going on? "Language!" ~Kylie Oh, sorry!

  • Running Out » Quicksilver
    2.2M 76.5K 26

    BOOK ONE OF THE GOLDSTREAK TRILOGY They found her in the middle of the street, small hands woven into short, dark hair, bent over on her knees, sobbing her heart out as she trembled. It was Tony who did the assessment (because his suit made him good for that) and he was stunned to find the girl was giving off a heat s...

  • ✔ Book 1:Sakura's New Beginning
    351K 11K 37

    {Sakura Haruno Fanfiction} A name most people know as just another member of Team 7. However, there is more than what meets the eye. Not many know of the secret if the power that surges within her body, waiting for her to finally unleash her potential onto this world. Even with all this power, strength and more. This...

  • ✔ Book 2: Sakura's Final Chapter
    86.4K 2.5K 30

    {Sakura Haruno Fanfiction} No longer is she a Konoha kunoichi, but now an S-rank rogue. Her sacrifice leading others to believe that she is nothing, but a traitor. However, Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata still have hope she will return. The obstacles and journeys she will have to face may be life threatening and dangerous...

  • Big Brothers
    48.4K 955 38

    Hi. I'm Olivia and Im 7 now! After a year of hardship, a group of boys found me in a dark alley and took me home. Now, the are my brothers. My Big Brothers! They helped me get my life back.. I'm going to help them solve their problems! Because we are one big family!

  • Beauty and the Beast
    307K 10.3K 17

    Ella's always been a simple child. She didn't want anything other than a book in her hands and her brother by her side. When her brother finally figures out his invention and ventures out to find someone to buy it, he doesn't return. A creepy mansion, some talking furniture and, oh yeah, a giant animal big enough to k...

  • My Brother's My Mate?
    5.4M 178K 38

    "" I asked completely and utterly confused. "I d-d-dont know" Parker said still in shock "But there has to be some sort of mistake...YOU CANT BE MY MATE!" I yelled outraged. Why moon goddess, why?! "Hey, that just rhymed" Parker chuckled and I glared "I think we have bigger problems to deal with"I rolled my...

  • "Smart, Brave, Beautiful, Interesting, Nice.... and completely CLUELESS!"
    853K 8.7K 24

    How could one girl change so many lives so quickly? How could one girl be so fearless and look like an ,and I quote, ‘Firkin Supermodel’ un quote, and be so down to earth and nice at the same time? How can one girl touch the hearts of so many? How can one girl be oblivious to all the good thing she is? How does one gi...

  • They Were Expecting A Lady, Instead They Met Me (Part II)
    4.2M 133K 37

    Book Two of 'The Tales of the Royal Lunatic' It has been scientifically determined that Emilee Kate Willows is most definitely insane. Well, not really scientifically but it's just something everyone knows- the sky is blue, the Beatles are awesome and Emilee is crazy. But the problem is that not exactly EVERYONE know...

  • Secret Angel
    3.1M 113K 76

    Long ago, when Lilian was only a baby, a dying guardian angel came upon her. She bestowed Lily with her powers; the control of elements and the ability to heal. Lily was no longer human, although no one knew, she knew that she was destined to be great. ************************************ Her whole life changes one or...

  • Waiting For The Beast (Lucifer's Clock Series, Book 1)
    1.1M 39.1K 30

    What if the Bible has it all wrong about the Anti-Christ? What if this person is female and what if she actually has a choice? Meet A.C. a.k.a Angelica Cunningham Angelica is drop dead gorgeous, lives in a sprawling mansion with her two aunts, attends a prestigious private school, is an A student and excels at e...

  • Recompense [Fólkvangr End, Book 1] [Loki Fanfiction]
    3.5M 148K 52

    A looming darkness has gathered, and the storm is headed for Asgard. Thor needs help, and more than that, he needs the girl raised on Earth. The Earth girl, and his imprisoned brother. Valkyrie Sutton is of Earth. Or Midgard. Or whatever. When Thor, God of Thunder, appears to take her to Asgard without much explanati...