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  • Seducing the Sexy! (ON HOLD)
    2.4K 63 1

    The money is mine. That asshole stole it, and everybody knows payback is a bitch. Unforunatly for him, as am I. I will get back by money, and crush his heart at the same time. I will blind him with my 'love' and when he least expects it... I will disappear along with his money. A brilliant plan, just one small problem...

  • Risque Behavior (Slowly Editing/Re-Vamping!)
    79.6K 530 23

    Lets be serious....Mr. Adams is fine. Can you really blame Ariel for falling victim to his sweet whispers, side long glances and double entendres? When she crossed the line with Josh she didn't think she would get caught, but now she's got hell to pay. Her dad hates her (not really) and Mr. Adams affection is fading...

  • The Legacy - The Legacy Saga
    1.7M 15.9K 30

    North Carolina native, Cisely Matthews has seen and suffered much in her twenty-two years of life, and she has the scars to prove it. When amazing blessings come to her, she wonders if she will ever feel worthy enough to deserve them. Australian-born Ingo Kelly is thrown for an emotional loop when he visits his aunt i...

  • Whispers of Hope- Book # 3 (Mated Hearts Series) Complete
    4.8M 59.3K 33

    My breath came in short pants and my heart took off at a staccato pace. I felt my skin warm and my blood tingle and this was all just from seeing him again. At first he looked shocked, and then his face turned to a mask of longing. I could hardly believe that I was standing here staring into the eyes of Zach, my...

  • Mr. Dangerous
    352K 4.7K 17

    After getting kidnapped by an amazingly good-looking boy -named James King-; Layla Green finds herself getting sucked into dreadful predicaments that are caused by James and his gang. By joining James and his team, Layla will, not only have to put her well-being into danger in order to protect others,but she will also...