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Seducing Karma ••-•• Karmagisa fanfic by Yaoi-1karmagisa
Seducing Karma ••-•• Karmagisa Yaoi-chibies
What happens when the best 5 students in miss bitches Art Of Seduction class is doing an assignment that is worth 70% for that Subject READ TO FIND OUT This is a karmag...
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The Seducing Game by TheStrangeAvocado
The Seducing Gameby Strange Avocado ;)
Archie Jones is a bad boy. A bad boy with a game to win. Karla Adams is a sensible, smart girl. A girl with a game to win. When fate puts the two together sharing a ho...
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Seducing Villegas  by kleighiane_xx
Seducing Villegas by PotchieEe_Manoban
"Seduce my mind and you can have my body" Date started: 09/28/2019 Date ended:
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'Sa buhay lahat ay di mo inaasahan na may mangyayari na maganda at di maganda pero pano kung di nya alam ang kinababaliwan nya na lalaki ay chilhood friend nya at may ti...
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Seducing My Crush [On Going] by maentblack
Seducing My Crush [On Going]by • ✦ ◦ ° t r i s ˙・‧ ✦
"It'll be easy. You just have to seduce him." She said. "You're kidding, right? I'm about as seductive as a cabbage. I don't know how to-" I mumbled...
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Seducing Mr. Malfoy by only_dramione
Seducing Mr. Malfoyby Akira
Draco and Hermione have to share the same dorm. One thing leads to another, and Hermione makes it her mission to seduce Draco. Will she be successful? How will this stor...
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Seducing my roommate; Her seductive side by canadawinterice
Seducing my roommate; Her canadawinterice
Spencer Hastings is a student at Yale university, with great bubbly personality, her childish looks She has gained the heart of many with only a smile. But if you real...
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The Alpha's Mistress by burningflamez
The Alpha's Mistressby Tiffany
What matters more; money, power, or love? Of course you'd say love, right? Love couldn't buy me 10 million dollars, but pretending could. In the human world, 10 million...
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Seducing the shy guy by Pumpkin3
Seducing the shy guyby Trina
Hazel is hot, sexy and has all the friends in the world. She could get any guy, except for the guy she wants. Kayden is so painfully shy that he is socially awkward. He...
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Seducing Her Boyfriend- A Justin Bieber Love Story- by kissandkill
Seducing Her Boyfriend- A Justin Mekal †
Seventeen year old Jesse Zylka has a thing for her sister's college smoking hott boyfriend. Would she go through with her untamed feelings or keep everything in tact? We...
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Dei gave everything that he has for the woman he loves the most... even if their love is only a secret... he risks his heart for the time... but can love that starts on...
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I fall inlove In a casanova(slow Update) by ZiannaOliveEllainne
I fall inlove In a casanova(slow Beauty_in_Vain
miyuki "yuki" smith or "the nerd" na hindi mo aakalain na may tinatagong ganda sa likod ng kaniyang mga salamin. Mark"the cassanova"Gonzale...
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Hard To Forget.™ by MBCrazy1
Hard To Forget.™by Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen.
The last we heard of Destiny, she was left crying behind her school building and pregnant, while Trey was going to Julliard, a performing arts school in New York, to pur...
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The Gangster CHICK (Book 1) by JustCallMe_Heart
The Gangster CHICK (Book 1)by 👑Heart👑
Watty2017✔ She's Back with her Sweet revenge. #Action #Romance #SPG #Sexy seduction #Drama
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Normal na buhay? meron ako nun masaya ako dahil dun at wala na akong mas hinihiling pa simpleng buhay kasama ng mama ko masaya na ako sa ganito malayo sa gulo malaya sa...
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The Trickster's Gambit | Avengers Fan Fiction by MarcellaUva
The Trickster's Gambit | Marcella
Winner of Wattpad @FanFic's FanFicFriday One-Shot competition! ❧ A year after the Battle of New York, Natasha Romanoff finds herself on a solo mission in Russia, traveli...
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No Longer Alone by WrenSpellman
No Longer Aloneby WrenSpellman
(On Hold- Kind Of) 15-year-old Carman Dawn has always been on her own and never relied on anyone but herself. That all changes when she finally approches the group of mi...
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All Around Me by AdiraPhoenixLambert
All Around Meby Lotus
Adam is thirty years old, he lives a normal, everyday life in L.A., except for these weird dreams he keeps having. He keeps dreaming about a blond. He can't figure out i...
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ABUSED LOVE  by pizza_girl_me
ABUSED LOVE by pizza_girl
Abused Love, A tragic story of a girl who lost all the expectations with her life and is willing to die by the hands of a bully and a contract killer who murdered peopl...
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