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  • My Facebook Sweetheart (Kise Ryouta)
    214K 14.7K 102

    Kise Ryouta is undoubtedly living his best life yet. Aside from being a popular model, his basketball career is also doing great. He has a supportive family and some awesome friends. What more can he possibly ask for? Until one day he receives a Friend Request from a girl on Facebook. He accepts it not knowing that hi...

  • She Wolf
    47K 1.9K 14

    She was a lone wolf, walking among a pride of calculating felines. [Kuroo Tetsurou/OC]

  • Aerial Attack - An Akashi Seijuurou Fan Fiction
    6.2K 342 10

    Aori is just a daughter of a mere servant in the Akashi household. Or is she not? Having met a young child Aori during his mother's funeral, Seijuurou finds multiple similarities in the features of the little girl and his late mother. He wants her to be his life-sized doll, he wants to see her grow into a beautiful wo...

  • In the Past (Levi Ackerman x OC)
    359K 11.5K 31

    Alexandria Williams' life is complicated, and it gets flipped totally upside down when her parent's are executed for their crimes. After growing older and taking to the streets of the Underground to learn the way in the life of your average criminal, she grows in Underground popularity, her wanted posters decorating...

  • Angel With A Shotgun [Levi Ackerman x OC] / Attack on Titan / Shingeki no Kyojin
    252K 10.7K 60

    The Sanctioned Archangel, a. k. a. Xora Xion, is the mysterious elite agent with a blank past who will do anything for the sake of her Empire. She thrives in the shadows, but her prowess is tested when she embarks on a mission that takes place in the grand city of Paris, France. There, she meets the legendary agent L...

  • Dorm Mates with Aomine Daiki [A Kuroko no Basuke Fanfiction]
    299K 9.3K 33

    (UNDER MAJOR GRAMMAR CONTRUCTION, AND POSSIBLY REARRANGING CHAPTERS AND PARTS) [Aomine Daiki x OC] Sugahara Kaede had been living peacefully as her own roommate until the nearing end of Senior year. She endured the loneliness and was grateful of the privacy, hoping that it would last until the end of graduation. But a...

  • Eat Your Heart (Reader X Kaneki Ken)
    360K 11.7K 28

    (Tokyo Ghoul Fanfiction) Reader X Kaneki Ken; Love would entrap you in his web of lies. His charm, his innocence, his deception. His tongue would lick your neck gently, as if a sign of affection but it was only an affirmation of his tastes to him. He, was going to eat your heart, piece by piece, slice by slice, unt...

  • Detention!! 【Akashi Seijuurou】【OC】
    77.7K 3.4K 34

    This is his 2nd year in Rakuzan. Still the president, still craves perfections in everything he does. His real self is back and there will be no more fear being with him. But is that entirely true? The detention is one of the most haunted room in Rakuzan. But this delinquent who vowed not to make another discipline re...

  • I'm friends with a Monster [ Durarara!! ]
    94.6K 3.1K 19

    [ DRRR!! Watty Awards 2015 Entry ] Emotions I feel they turn to none I broke, I broke, them one by one The smile that I had through all these years It bears, it bears, these hateful tears [ c ] JoyDreamer of Youtube ; Nonesense Speaker

  • Lies are Entertainment - Reader X Izaya Orihara Oneshot
    13.7K 220 1

    [ Izaya Orihara x Reader ] || Drabble/Ficlet

  • 69 DAYS [Akashi Seijuro X OC]
    299K 11.2K 32

    [1st place in Seijuro Akashi category of KnB Watty Awards 2014 Fall/Winter] [2nd place in Kuroko no Basuke category of Anime Watty Awards 2014/15 Winter] [2nd place in Most Creative Cover category of KnB Watty Awards 2014 Fall/Winter] "I shouldn't have fallen for you ." The wheel of fate is turning. They were defeat...