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  • Samantha75
    10.8K 449 1

    This short speculative fiction story originally appeared on the Canadian website, Ascent Aspirations way back in 2007.

  • The Astor House of Old Shanghai
    2K 72 7

    On the eve of the 20th century, an American Marine on the run from a crime committed during the Spanish-American War seeks refuge at The Astor House in Shanghai. Alone and weary, he tries to settle into the familiar Western surroundings of his hotel room. But a knock on the door by a British agent will lead to a deadl...

  • I Know All About This Model
    478 23 2

    A sci-fi short story set on a futuristic station with even more futuristic characters.

  • Kalamar
    516 32 2

    A man is abducted by a group of hostile aliens who force him to bear witness to a tribunal that will decide the fate of mankind.

  • Like Clockwork
    1.2K 29 1

    Always hoping for something outlandish to happen just to break the monotony of his uneventful existence, Josh has begun to suspect that his boss is not quite human.

  • Nano Bytes - A Collection of Short SciFi Stories
    71.7K 2.8K 61

    This is a collection of short stories written by Wattpadders who love their Science Fiction as much as we do. It aims to celebrate the diversity of the genre both in sub-genre, length and style, so whether you like Steampunk or Hard SciFi, Space Opera or Dystopian, fanfiction or a drabble, we know you'll find somethin...

  • They Cannot Scare Me with Their Empty Spaces
    346 18 1

    A Dark Expanse Story Following the departure of the galactic overlords the Zyxlar, the Silicate desert world of Charmed Rock descends into chaos. When the Thoknar Protectorate steps in, Lat (always one to obey the Elders' commands) is the first to join this paramilitary crime organization. Lat is the kind of solider...

  • Reading By Numbers
    893 39 1

    Secret numbers and hidden codes feature in this story about how cultural differences can affect even things that are supposed to be universally true. Originally published in Fantasy Magazine and reprinted in Looking Glass and Cosmos.

  • Mook
    283 24 1

    A bank robber travels back in time to pull off the perfect heist. He gets a little more than he expects when he meets himself in the past.

  • The Beginning of a New Day
    485 16 1

    I was lost in a strange place. Not sure how I ended up there. Not sure how I could escape.

  • Sibyl
    297 27 1

    The ghost of my future smells of ash. First published in Nature's Futures

  • The Butterfly Disjunct
    428 12 1

    Jeyna is a young girl when she's thrust into a role that requires her to uphold the fabric of reality itself in a far-far-future universe where time and space have collapsed. But when she's faced with a decision that impacts someone she views as a mother figure, can she still carry out the sacrifices her duties requi...

  • Gamed
    181 14 1

    From dawn till dusk Zhen Dao gold farms in a cramped warehouse, row upon row of screens lighting the gloom. All she wants to do is to see the sky. Just once. When the opportunity arises, Zhen sees much more than she bargained for.

  • The Man Who Murdered Himself
    593 33 1

    Kyle Ameus Waterbey is afflicted with a hideous illness. He would do anything to be rid of it. Anything.

  • The Memory Coder
    56.4K 392 3

    When a security breach is detected at Diotech Inc, the Memory Restoration Department is called upon to do what they do best: make you forget. But with every memory that’s taken out, a new one must be installed in its place. It’s a job that requires skill, artistry, discretion, and flawless proficiency in the language...

  • A Little Known Fact About Ducks
    2.9K 176 9

    A collection of shorts, some to make you think, some to make you smile. Hopefully I will be adding to this from time to time.

  • ...
    28.1K 735 1

  • Burning Alexandria
    1.3K 47 1

    Irwin Gilbert is a hoarder, a bookworm, and after a cosmic event leaves the earth void of all electricity, the owner of what might be the world's largest remaining cache of novels. Irwin has a dilemma, however, the world has turned cold and he has no idea how long it will last. When faced with freezing to death, can h...

  • Bugs - a horror story
    3.5K 258 5

  • First Contact
    24.4K 427 1

    In this flash fiction story, an alien tourist is trying to buy a cup of sugar from a science fiction fan.

  • Stranger Things
    12.6K 691 16

    Body parts growing down in the local woods, scary encounters in a deserted escape pod, something odd lurking in the ocean at Dulgots Trench, aliens who have no feet......further tales of the unexpected. A sequel to Setting Suns-a collection of short sci-fi stories. Two of the first seven stories are a couple of my fa...

  • Alter Ego
    517 20 1

    Twelve year old Jackie feels a change coming in her life and convinces her father to let her dye her hair orange. But not just any orange, Ember orange. Ember is a powerful flame-wielding super heroine which Jackie, and she insists, her father, is obsessed with. Her routine trip to the salon becomes a moment of discov...

  • Andy
    48.5K 1.6K 26

    Is the world ready for the perfect man? What if the perfect man is not a man at all, but a machine instead?

  • The Ones Who Went Left
    2.9K 102 1

    When an alien race makes first contact with humans, they kill the adults and take the children hostage. But why? And what ever happened to those unfortunate children who went left?

  • Flare Nova
    157 16 1

    A sci-fi flash fiction story about a space mission gone wrong.

  • Unplugged
    702 41 1

    A Soft Science Fiction short written for the final round of the SciFi Smackdown 1.5-- Cadie is unplugged. She is shunned by those who use the Scroll and sought out by Abhi--who wants as his student. But why, and at what cost?

  • The Little Robot: A Short Story
    4.6K 146 1

    Stranded on a barren planet, a silent but sentient little robot tries to understand his true purpose from the man who built him, the sole survivor from a downed spacecraft.

  • Clean Slate: A Novelette
    559 56 3

    Something waits for him in the darkness. Since he woke up on a mortuary slab in Victorian London's East End, Leland has been on the run trying to stay ahead of the demon darkness, and trying to make sense of the jumble in his head. Who is he? Why is this happening to him? How are the gaslights in the street both a mo...

  • Beyond the Stars
    11.1K 757 31

    A collection of Sci-fi short stories written for various smackdown competitions held in the pub. The Earth moved: Basic picture round Deja Vous - Candlepunk and a continuation of the Earth moved. The Twilight Zone: A mash up of two stories: Classic - 'Pride and Prejudice' Trashic: 'Twilight' Resurrecti...