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The Dream Factory

The Dream Factory

379K Reads 5.7K Votes 39 Part Story
T.L. Dorian By TLDorian Completed

***A Wattpad Featured Collection of Short Sci-Fi Stories***
    Strange sentinels, forgotten Gods, regenerated aliens, frozen predators, tele- kinetic chess sets - all this and more in this collection of short SciFi stories. 
    Each tale carries a devilish little twist at its end.
    Like a box of chocolates some are sweet ,some sour and some dark.
    All perhaps little allegories on the vagaries of human nature...
    From Readers on various stories-
    "WOW! I know its my second comment but it's the forth time I have visited it."
    "It's very sad to see this end, all be it an extraordinary end."
    "Bravo for such an uplifting, optimistic Finale" 
    "This was awesome! I thoroughly enjoyed it, didn't want it to end."
    "Great twist, from a sinister beginning to a cheerful ending. It echoes the style of HG Wells."
    "Dude... just holy... !"

  • death
  • ghost
  • human
  • paranormal
  • planets
  • sci-fi
  • sciencefiction
  • shortstory
  • stones
  • strange
  • time
  • twists
  • unexpected