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  • love island 2018/ izzy roma
    8.2K 74 7

    Izzy is a late arrival in the villa, she enters with Georgia. However, will she find love or just get pied off?

  • Love Island 2018. Sam Bird
    64.7K 858 67

    New girl Natasha Evans is joining Love Island this year and when she enters one particular boy has his eyes set on her (Sam Bird story)

  • Love Island 2018
    217K 3.2K 64

    See what happens on Series 4 of Love Island....

  • amour | love island 2018
    11.4K 200 8

    olivia campbell applied for love island on a whim, never even thinking how much it would change her life.

  • Love Island 2018
    56.6K 702 26

    Based on the ITV2 series of Love Island 2018

  • finding love ➵ love island 2018
    857 21 2

    finding love on an island that has literally devoted itself to love is not as easy as it sounds!

  • Summer of Love | Love Island 2018 |
    30.3K 923 21

    When the new girl struts into the villa with a new batch of confidence after being brutally dumped by her ex, can she find 'the one' or will she be sent home by the public for failing to make a connection?

  • Love island 2018
    8.9K 96 7

    Darcy enters the villa quite late on with 2 boys, idris and keiran! she didnt think that she would find anyone, she thinks everyone will be happy already, but was she wrong?

  • Love Island 2018
    26.9K 416 16

    Join Elle Cantwell on her journey in the Love Island Villa.

    45.5K 858 25

    Charis walks in late to Love Island and she wants to have fun, make new friends and find someone that will love her.

    Completed   Mature
  • Love Island 2018
    17.5K 189 12

    Freya Del Castillo has been single for 5 months and after all her flings and party nights she wants to settle down with someone, what's better than the well-known show Love Island. She has a high fan based from her dancing, although that ain't her Job people adore her for it and she adores it more than anything really...

  • love island // Dr Alex
    1K 25 3

    As Rosa enters the villa a little late a few boys has their eye on her but she only want one of them A love island 2018 story // please read

  • Love island 2019
    852 3 3

    Title says all

  • Love Island 2018
    24.9K 354 22

    Ella Johnson arrives in the villa a few weeks later than everybody else, along with Kieran and Idris. Follow her journey in the villa.

  • Love Island 2018 Preferences
    8.7K 55 11

    These are a load of preferences for Love Island 2018, maybe I'll add in a few imagines too but I don't know, send in requests if you want one done. Other than that, enjoy the book!

  • Love Island 2018👙
    57.4K 816 40

    Love Island may be over but who's to say we can't keep it going? This is what would happen if we added a new girl to the original islanders!

  • Love Island
    76K 702 26

    What happens when Isabelle, Alex's ex joins Love Island?? Will she cause trouble for new couple Alex and Olivia??

  • Time To Couple Up - Love Island 2019!
    34.9K 1K 17

    Based on the ITV2 show Love Island 2019! *** "When I first met you, I didn't know you were going to be this important to me." *** 'Hi! I'm Callie Miller, I'm 21, and I'm a nurse from Bournemouth!" When Callie finds herself in the Love Island Villa, all she expects is a fling or two. But as the boys arrive, she's remin...

  • Love Island 2019 🌴
    130K 3.2K 44

    Love Island 2019 has a new bombshell.