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  • Boss of Me
    558K 21.6K 30

    Summer Worthington doesn't hate her corporate job, per se. It's her god-awful boss, Mr. Griffin - or, as her roommates like to call him, Mr. Grouchy - who's the problem. He's cruel, cold-hearted, and the most attractive man she's ever seen. As his personal assistant, Summer merely tolerates him until, one day, her sel...

    Completed   Mature
  • Work For It
    4M 3.2K 3

    [SAMPLE - NOW PUBLISHED] Selene Haddad works for the hottest fiction app on the market, tasked with writing romance all day. It's a dream job, minus one little aspect of it: having to work alongside Daniel Santiago, the infuriatingly attractive man who screwed her out of a massive payday. She may have written it a tho...

    Completed   Mature
    382K 30.3K 84

    Ray is low on time, luck, and hope; his only chance is an artifact that may not even exist. But upon meeting Landon, Ray is beginning to believe he might find all four. ***** Cambions are doomed to tragedy. They are weak, sickly creatures that rarely l...

  • When Shadows Rise (Book 1)
    202K 13.8K 42

    A magic-addicted spy trapped in the queen's service must track a princess-turned-assassin in order to earn her freedom, but things get complicated when she falls for the princess she's supposed to capture. ***** Weak. Cursed. That's how seventeen-year-old Kayden Branimir, the realm's deadliest assassin, views herself...

  • Oliver Ausman Lives Again
    217K 23K 35

    2020 WATTYS WINNER in NEW ADULT! Oliver Ausman has been given a second chance at life, but it's hard to feel grateful when he was the one trying to end it in the first place. Returning to his normal life after being released from the hospital is hard, especially since his parent's idea of normal is made up of dinner p...

  • 1.1 | constellations of you and me ✓
    423K 24.8K 36

    For Eloise Park, the lines of glittering love and golden jupiter always seem to blurred. Maybe Jonah Kim can help find what's missing before it's too late.

    Completed   Mature
  • The Moon on a Frozen Lake
    29.5K 1.5K 21

    Jihoon hasn't slept well in years. Not since he survived the accident that killed the woman he loved. Yingyue never leaves her house. Not since her parents died in a car crash two years ago. Both crippled by their own fears, the two of them should never work out. After all, two wrongs don't make a right. Yet somehow...

  • Take Me Back
    451 47 4

    [on hold until further notice; check "a cup of procrastination" post or my twitter] (phr.) where ending up without a heartbeat lands you in the most lively place of them all • • • "Welcome to Afterlife. It will take you some time to get used to it, but I think you wi...

  • Dead Boy Walking
    46.8K 4.5K 27

    ❝I had a conversation with Death, he wants you back ❞ --- At the New Year's Eve party, Quincy Sinclair finds the dead body of Alfred Kingsley III. Resident golden boy and incredibly rich, his death was no accident. By morning, Quincy sees him again - seemingly alive and sitting in the corner of her bedroom. However, o...

  • Hookup Theory
    14.9K 858 1

    Marisol has convinced herself that transferring to a more prestigious university was the right move, even though it meant trading in friends and parties for long nights spent alone with her textbooks. But when a free-thinking class on human sexuality forces Marisol to choose between self-reflection or taking an extra...

  • Out of Focus |finished|
    20.3K 3.1K 62

    Elder Benson is dead. He had a gift of taking pictures in a surreal manner and didn't care people thought he was strange. When his body is found with a bluish substance in his system, everyone concludes that he overdosed on drugs. And no one cares really. After all, he was the weird guy. Except for his two best frien...

  • The Many Dates of Indigo
    562K 24.9K 117

    The Many Dates of Indigo is now published as a Paperback, and E-book with W by Wattpad Books! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Wattpad Original Edition and Wattpad Books Published Edition here upon purchase. Thank you so much for your support! ...

  • those who speak in dreams | #ONC2020
    3.3K 295 4


  • Creatures of the Night
    1.6M 57.1K 67

    Creatures of the Night is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. Milena, an obedient teenager, has to team up with the supernatural creatures she was taught to fear in order to escape the people she once loved. ...

  • Dream Catcher
    2.2M 146K 33

    [COMPLETED] (BOOK I IN THE DREAM SERIES) Dani Deleon has a problem. With a single touch, she can see people's nightmares. When she starts to see the nightmares of a sadistic serial killer known as The Maestro...everyone around her becomes a possible suspect. With the help of Detective Jax Michaels, will Dani be abl...

  • All Roads Lead Home ✓
    1.9M 82.3K 40

    Zoya Hart has been eluding her gold-digging stepmother for the last few years. Knowing that this woman will do anything to gain control of her and her late father's company, Zoya finds herself hiding out on a farm. Now, with a PI on her trail, Zoya's luck is running out in more ways than one. Roman DeRoux is fresh out...

    Completed   Mature
  • 12 Days 'til Christmas ✓
    69.7K 6.6K 33

    Beth King is a Christmas fanatic and Java Tea's most frequent customer. Casper Boutayeb is a Christmas grinch and Java Tea's best employee - and Beth's favourite barista. When he suddenly needs somewhere to stay for the holidays, Beth is more than happy to take him in, on one condition: he has to embrace the festive s...

  • Dates, Duds & Mistletoe
    52.3K 3.4K 10

    With the holidays fast approaching and her love life severely lacking, Hailey Miller decides to take the latest dating app, Mixr, up on their invitation to attend their monthly Manhattan get together. There she meets Elliott, who she wasn't matched with, but soon realizes is someone she has more chemistry with than an...

  • Lost Identity: Eloria Series Book 1 | ✓
    13.1K 1.8K 54

    || WATTYS 2021 SHORTLIST || Since Ellis Moore was found a year ago with amnesia, she has tried her best to fit into a normal life; but she is anything but normal. Nightmares and inexplicable visions seem to be the only link to her past until she encounters a peculiar trio. Her past follows her when Ellis, her friend...

  • Godspeed
    32.2K 2.9K 22

    The moment Marley Mason moved to the United States of America he stopped speaking. Dislocated from his mother, friends, and culture, Marley found it impossible to voice his thoughts to anyone but his father. Thereafter, he gave up on himself and his happiness. What else was an alien to do? Until he meets Ava DeLougher...

  • THE VISION IS A PLACE | ✓ {complete}
    20K 2.4K 66

    A group of young runaways, who once thought they had nothing to lose, create their own secret utopia in the shadow of a dangerously seductive idea that threatens to unravel it all. Addison Walker, the eco-activist with the steamy mugshot, is fresh out of prison for a crime he didn't commit. On his way back to Denver...

  • Silver Stilettos
    1.8M 76.3K 39

    In a small Indiana town, a teenage girl hasn't been seen for months, and her brother Reed is sketchy on the details. But seventeen-year-old Mayuri Krishnan doesn't know any of this-not yet. For her, Reed is the boy of her daydreams, the name she scribbles in her notebook, and the starring role of her online cliche maf...

  • To This Day
    227K 6.5K 17

    When Sydney Sherwood was thirteen, she fell in love. She was utterly enamoured with Carter Pearson - the cute, enigmatic, brilliant fourteen year old who lived across the street. But, after only a few months, Carter and his family disappeared, leaving behind a 'House For Sale' sign and one broken-hearted girl. Six yea...

  • Breathe Again
    75.4K 5.3K 26

    Used to be titled 'Just Drive' One wedding, one uninvited guest, one summer to finally figure things out.

  • Consequences Be Damned
    2.4K 246 26

    Death changes a person, but Summer Villanueva's death changed her especially. Now with an entirely new life at hand, she's gotta find a way to cope and take advantage of that fact. If only she could dodge Lucifer Morningstar's pesky, meddling ways and find a way around his new rules. the wonderful cover is done by @c...

  • Backbone [On Hold]
    10.3K 1.1K 10

    SHORTLISTED FOR THE WATTYS 2018 - Backbone will make a return in 2024 - Backbone is the new app everyone is talking about. Created by the international search engine, Haeven, it can predict a persons entire future; more precisely, when they will die, how they will die - and every other key event leading up to their de...

  • Cut To The Bone
    744K 37.3K 50

    Azima Rousseau, a demon hunter destined to save her world from the denizens of the Underworld, has to venture through the Seven Levels of Hell in order to face its Prince and close the rift between their worlds once and for all. ***** Ever since her ei...

  • Under Murky Waters
    73.1K 5.1K 27

    ❝Oh, Cordelia, sing to me. Then proceed to kill me at sea.❞ ★★★ inspired by The Little Mermaid. Highest Rank Short Story: #55

  • Exchange
    1.4M 53.7K 34

    It was Rose's dream to get chosen for Exchange. She just never planned on it being Mason Tanner's. With an undeniable dislike for each other, Mason Tanner and Rose Pierce, two polar opposites, have their worlds thrown upside down when chosen to go on the same Exchange programme together. Thrust into a world of aer...

  • Stars
    163K 11.8K 12

    ❝ They watched the stars, night after night ❞ { Watty 2015 Winner Copyright © republicans. All Rights Reserved }