Dismal Escapade

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It's another day in Obelia and night arrives very soon. This time it's a very special event where all the nobles are invited to a ball held in the royal palace. A simple party hosted to celebrate the Coronation of their new emperor that will rule over the great empire.


His back laid against the wall and him trapped by an overbearing poisonous like a snake. She looks at him with a seductive face and a wide grin. Eyes that have a desire for something as he looks into her pupils deeply. With a blank face, his jeweled eyes expressed something else.

She lets out a sound, sounds like a cheerful one, and lifts his chin with one finger. Getting closer to his face and he too does the same.

Then he decides to open his mouth first.

"Wow...." He blinks and his eyes glitter. "It's what like people really do say about you..."

"About what, Your Majesty?" She giggles with a flattering look.

"Makeup really can't hide that hideous face no matter how much I try to ignore it"

"Huh?" She scoffs in embarrassment and stops leaning against him. "E-Excuse me?"

"Well for a lady like you, I would suggest rubbing that face in mud just to cover the bare minimum" He rubs his chin, and her jaw drops in disbelief. "And you would think that you would flirt me with that fake personality, let alone makeup"

"H-What? Y-Your Majesty, why would you think that-"

"Ahem! No use in defending yourself, Ma'am" He cuts her off quickly like a snake being sliced by one slash of a sword. "It's funny because even I think your brother has more attractive traits just to gain the position of a concubine!" He taunts and she stands still in shock, frozen and blood boiling under her skin that a bright red shade covers over her full face. "And I assume that you want to be my consort but listen carefully." He smiles brightly while pointing his finger up.

"I have standards!~" He sings at the last word.

Soon the atmosphere glooms with the young lady who had failed to seduce him dragging her feet to leave the room after him.

That was Anastacius de Alger Obelia. The new and young emperor of the great empire, Obelia. But it's not another same ruler that follows tradition compared to the past ones. No, this one was different. He has a personality.

"Sheesh. Who knew that being an emperor would require so much work? I'm sure you know that Claude" Anastacius sits on the edge of the rooftop with his younger brother. He slaps his back with a playful grin as Claude just shrugs it off and taps his shoulder.

It's a very calming brother relationship.

"Well brother, you took all those classes in the past for this, didn't you? It's expected" He sighed and stared at his brother's cheerful smile that expresses pain. "What's wrong?" He recognizes the expression every single time. It happened many times in the past and of course, Claude knew something was up. He knows him too well.

"Actually it's about... continuing the bloodline" Anastacius lets his shoulder down and glooms with a frown. "Why the hell am I being pressured into it when there's you?!" He whines and Claude almost snorted out loud if it weren't for his hand covering his mouth.

"I don't know if I can be the one to continue" He stated, remembering the day he received painful news of the woman he thought he loved.

When the plan of Claude's fiance failed. Not only did she not try to attract Anastacius but also lost the engagement as a result of attempting to strive for a prosperous life. She would've been very well off alone with marrying a prince but instead, she tried to go for the emperor which was a major fail. Luckily Anastacius was merciful or else he would have deprived her of her rank. That's when she knew it was over and left.

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