Chapter 11: Burning Bright! Growing Flare!

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~Shu and Athena were walking through Japan, they were going to meet Valt at his house~

Athena: So this is where Valt lives?

Shu: Yep, his mom makes really good bey bread. Im curious to wonder how Tokonatsu and Nika have been doing.

~Shu knocks on the door, the door is opened by Nika Aoi~

Nika: *goes heart eyes mode* Shu?!? What are you doing here?! You're so tall too!

Shu: *smiles* You've gotten taller as well.

Nika: Mom! Tokonatsu! Shu is here!

Tokonatsu: Shu?! What're you doing here?

Shu: Legend League training, this is one of my students Athena Valhalla. Is Valt here?

Nika: He's in the backyard waiting for you two.

~Shu and Athena went into the backyard, Valt and Rantaro were waiting for them~

Valt: Shu! Athena!

Shu: Valt... Rantaro?

Valt: Are you two interested in a Tag Team Battle?

Athena: A tag team battle?

Shu: Yeah there will be a few tag team battles at the Legend League, This will be great practice.

~Rantaro and Valt pull out a SpeedStorm Stadium~

Valt: You guys ready? Me and Rantaro are teaming up.

Shu: Yep, we're ready.

Nika: Its been so long since we've seen Valt, Rantaro or Shu battle.

Tokonatsu: Im curious to see what Athena can do.

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!

~All beys land in the stadium, Spriggan and Ragnaruk were clashing in the center~

Rantaro: Thats it Ragnaruk!! Our stamina is the greatest!!

Shu: Spriggan!! Let him feel your axe!!

~Meanwhile Valkyrie and Adeona were clashing side by side~

Valt: Keep it up!! Valkyrie!!

Athena: No mercy!! Adeona!

*Adeona deals a heavy blow to Valkyrie knocking it into one of the speed cradles~

Nika: She's good!!

Tokonatsu: Yeah..

*Spriggan had knocked Ragnaruk away*

Rantaro: *bites through his loli-pop* Slice the air with your stamina wings!! Glide Tornado!!

*Spriggans stamina was beginning to falter*

Shu: *thinks* Spriggan is starting to lose stamina, i need to make this next attack count.

Rantaro: Go!!

Shu: World Slash!!!

*Ragnaruk pushes in one of Spriggans burst stoppers and Spriggan slashes it using its counter wing, Bursting Ragnaruk*

Rantaro: What-?!

*Spriggans stamina fizzles out*

Valt: I'll make up for your loss Honcho.

Rantaro: Shaddup!!

Valt: Go Valkyrie!!

*Valkyrie speeds toward Adeona, knocking it around with its fierce attacks*

Athena: Keep going!!!

*Adeona escapes from Valkyries fierce onslaught*

Athena: Rise! Adeona!!

Valt: Now Go! Valkyrie!!

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Valt: Now Go! Valkyrie!!

Athena: Push Through! Guide Slash!!

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Athena: Push Through! Guide Slash!!

Valt: Brave Sword!!

*both beys clash*

Athena: Go!!

*Adeona shines in Flare, however it wasn't enough as Valkyrie burst it*

Athena: No!!!!

Nika: Burst Finish! Brave Valkyrie and Glide Ragnaruk wins!

Valt: Good game everyone! The Bey-Bread should be ready now!

*everyone but Athena went inside for delicious beybread*

~Athena fell to her knees in despair~

Athena: Why... Why do I keep losing?...

~Athenas flare rages out, responding in sync with her anger~


(this was more of a filler chapter but im still proud of it)

Next Chapter: The Fiery Majestic Crimson Flames! World Spriggan!

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