Chapter 10: Phantom Dragon! Mirage Fafnir!

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(This Chapter is in honor and memory of a friend of mine on WBO, who recently passed away in a hit and run accident. RIP....)

~it had been many hours and Athena STILL hadnt stopped training, in the distance Free De La Hoya was watching her with a somewhat interested face, he heads towards her~

~Athena was sweating buckets as she continued to ignore her exhaustion~

Athena: One more time... 

~Adeona flew out of the stadium, however someone catches it! It was Free!~

Athena: Huh?! F-Free?!?

Free: This belong to you? *tossing the bey to her*

Athena: You're Free De La Hoya right? 

Free: Yeah, who's asking?

Athena: My name is Athena Valhalla!

Free: Valhalla....? You know I lost to someone with that last name..

Athena: I know... I was there when it happened.. I can assure you im nothing like my brother.

Free: Shu Kurenai said the same thing...

*he holds up Mirage Fafnir*

Free: I want to see if that's true!

Athena: So that's the legendary Mirage Fafnir.

Free: Sure is. Now lets begin...

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

*Fafnir was spinning extremely slowly as Adeona speeds toward it*

Athena: Attack!!!

*Adeonas attack causes Fafnirs spin to increase*

Athena: Tch.. Keep going!!!

*all of Adeonas attacks were fueling Fafnirs stamina, making it spin faster*

Free: That all you got?

Athena: Take him down!!

*Adeona lands a number of devastating attacks, sending Fafnir reeling*

Free: Now we're talking...

~Athenas hair turned from Purple to White, her eyes glowed purple as her Flare burned bright~

Free: That aura.. Ive seen it somewhere before...

Athena: Destroy!!!

~Athenas eyes took on an evil glow~

Free: That's- That's the same darkness i felt back then...

~Athena was lost in her darkness, she was completely unaware of her actions~

Athena: GO!! GUIDE SLASH!!!

Free: Fafnir!!!

Free: Now!!! Mirage Claw!!!

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Free: Now!!! Mirage Claw!!!

~Fafnir and Adeona clash and Adeona bursts shortly after, the explosion that followed blew Athena clean off her feet~

~Athenas hair and eyes return to normal as she stared down at Adeona which had burst into pieces~

Free: Looks like I wasted my time..

~Free had left and Athena picks up her bey and leaves too, as she was leaving GT Arena someone stands in her way, it was Shu Kurenai~

Athena: Shu?! What are you doing here!?

Shu: I heard you were on a severe losing streak so I came to give you some special training...

Athena: Special Training?

~Shu smiled as Athena wondered what kind of "Special Training" Shu had up his sleeve~

~Meanwhile Free had entered Lanes factory, Lane was sitting on a crate while feeding Harry~

Lane: *not looking away from Harry* What do you want Free De La Hoya?

Free: Nothing much, ive come here to give you a warning...

Lane: A warning?

Free: If I end up battling you in the Legend League, i will not be showing mercy...

Lane: Will you now? You didn't forget what happened last time did you?

~Frees eyes narrowed as the words "Destroy It, Uranus!!" echoed in his mind, Free knew exactly what Lane was talking about~

Lane: not showing any mercy huh? Im looking forward to it..

~Free turned and left, meanwhile Athena and Shu were talking~

Shu: So you lost to Free?

Athena: Yeah, its crazy how strong he is...

Shu: He has always been a tough one to beat..

Athena: I will still find a way to beat him!!!

~Athena stared off at the sunset, her bey glowed in her hand~

Athena: Adeona... I'll make you even stronger..

~Shu looked at her in worry, he knew something big was about to happen~


Next Chapter: Burning Bright! Growing Flare!

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