Chapter 9: Black Sun! Variant Armageddon!

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~it had been several days since Athena and Valts battle and Athena was doing some running through Japan, a huge announcement was about to be made at the GT Arena~

Athena: Im gonna be late!!!!

~she arrives just barely, Hyuga, Hikaru, Rantaro, Ranjiro and Valt were there~

Athena: *exhausted* alright... Wha- What did I miss?!

Valt: You're just in time, it's about to start.

~they walk in the Arena and Hanami steps on stage~

Hanami: Ok all you bladers!!! The WBBA is announcing a brand new event starting in a few weeks, we have the honor of having the lovely host of the event and WBBA Director: Kristina Kuroda!!

~Kris steps up on stage and stands next to Hanami as the crowd cheers excitedly~

Kris: Thank you Hanami for the warm welcome. Alright, hello everyone! Im happy to announce The Legend League! A tournament which will decide who the next Legendary Blader will be added to the Legend Ranks. 

Athena: This is awesome!!!

Kris: However if a Legend is to win, their rank will simply just increase. And now, lets meet our Legends! Our great legends are Valt Aoi, Shu Kurenai, Aiga Akaba, Drum Koryu, Free De La Hoya, Lui Shirosagijo, Sisco Karlisle, Rantaro Kiyama, Delta Akane, Gwyn Ronny, Xhakuenji Kaiza (calling him Xhaka in the future) and Wakiya Komurasaki!!

*the 12 Legends appear behind Kristina, waving at the excited and cheering crowd*

Kris: And now, let the Legend League Qualifiers begin!!

~the Qualifiers were intense, Athena battled Joshua, Kurtz and Laban, Hikaru battled Ghasem, Kitt and Kyle, Hyuga battled Boa, Rewui and Cuza and Lane battled Suoh and Xhan. All the legends qualified. it was time for the last match: Lane Vs Ranjiro~

Hanami: Ok boys and girls! It is time for the final battle of the Qualifiers!! It is Ranjiro Kiyama versus Lane Valhalla!!

Ranjiro: So we finally battle.

~Lane said nothing, his bey glowed in his hand~

Lane: I won't even need to go full force on you...

Ranjiro: Heh.. I wouldn't be so sure about that!

Referee: First Battle!! Ready Set!

3 2 1 GO SHOOT!!!

~Ragnaruk and Lucifer land in the stadium and they clash in the center~

Ranjiro: That center is mine!!

*Ragnaruk successfully knocks Lucifer away, reclaiming the center*

Ranjiro: How's that?!

*Lucifer had lost its balance*

Lane: Tch...

~Lanes flare activates as his facial markings glow~

Lane: I'll destroy you!!!

*Lucifer comes in for an attack*

Ranjiro: This is it! Glide Tornado!

*Ragnaruks tornado picks Lucifer up and flings it across the stadium*

Lane: W-what the-?!

*Lucifer hits the ground with a clang*

Referee: Glide Ragnaruk! Over Finish!! 1 Point Goes To Ranjiro Kiyama!!

~the crowd goes wild, Lane grabs his bey and turns toward Ranjiro with a frightening expression~

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