Chapter One:Meeting Mackenzie

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Mackenzie's P.O.V

I searched around the room until my eyes landed on the teenaged boy he looked cute, to bad I'm hungry and I must feed.

"Hay."I said approaching to him.

He snapped his head up from his phone ,making his Justin Bieber hair move in sexy way.

He had soft aqua colored eyes;long, chocolate brown hair and dark shade of pink lips.

"Hay"He said a bit dazzled.

I smiled and asked in soft voice "Is this space being used?"I pointed to the seat next to him.

"Um...n-no."He stuttered.

I smiled and sat next to him in the bench.

"My name is Mackenzie by the way."I said .

"I um-I am-I mean my name is...

H-Harris."He stuttered once more.

"Hay wanna go for a walk you know to get to know each other?"I asked

He nodded smiling like an idiot.

We stood up and walked out from the Starbucks.

"I'm 14 how old are you?"I asked lying about my age.

"I'm 14 but I'm turning 15 next week."He said proudly.

"Oh."was all I said

"Your not from here are you? Cause your accent gives it away."He asked/commented.

"Um no I came here from England to live with my aunt sense my parents died."I said trying to sound sad about my parents death.

"Oh sorry about your parents."He said quietly.

"For what its not like you killed them."I said.

I could feel my contacts start to melt away, if I was gonna do something it had better be fast.

I noticed we were getting close to a park were not many humans were.

"Hay let's go to that park, race ya."I said taking of at human speed.

We finally reached an isolated area.

I pushed Harris to the tree and leaned in closing my eyes a little bit.

I saw him do the same but close his eyes completely.

I smiled and quickly bit him in the neck grabbing his head with both hands and crushed his skull.

I finally let go of him and his body feel to the ground.

Monster, you say well your right and a heartless one at that.

My heart is a solid stone.

Well let me introduce myself.

My name is Mackenzie Sophie Evergreen, I'm 119 years old but my appearances are from a 14 year old.

I was born in England,my parents were Mackenzie Evergreen and Donald C. Evergreen.

I was turned by a nomadic vampire.

I always had a rough past,I never was loved so I never loved.

My father would abuse me and my mother would just watch and smile.

One day my parents went as far as tying me up in a closet and setting my room on fire but I was always special in a way, I had unnatural powers of doing things with my mind.

I freed myself and ran out.

I didn't hear of my parents ever sense , after that I lived in the streets as a pathetic homeless.

A friggin HOBO!!!

One day I was roaming in the dark alleys and a very pale looking man with scarlet red eyes came and bit me...and well you probably know the wrest.

I sighed and looked down at Harris.

I bended down and kissed his forehead.

Then with my power of telekinesis molecular I ripped his body in tiny pieces and with the extra power I had of fire bending I burned his body into ash.

"Magnificent!"A voice behind me let out in an excited laugh.

I turned around to see a 3 tall men standing only feets away from me.

There was a women and a tall man standing right behind them.

"What is your name child?"The blonde, youngest looking asked.

"Mackenzie."I said simply

"Well Makenzie my name is Aro and this are my brothers Marcus and Caius, we wonder if you would like to join our coven?"Aro dude asked politely.

Just as I was about to respond Aro spoke.

"Think about it."And then there gone.



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