Chapter Three:Double Price

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~Jane's P.O.V~

"That's her."I stated, my eyes fixed on the red head lying on top of the building's roof.

"We found her, now what?"Demetri asked,as Felix and Alec turned to look at me for an answer.

"Now we do as Aro commanded us, we befriend her and take her to the Volturi castle, she's to powerful to let go and if another coven ever got a hold of her,especially the Cullens they could use her against us and we would lose the fight without a chance."I said throwing as much poison as possible on the word 'Cullens'.

My head snapped back at the girl , Mackenzie, as I took in her features.

She had pale snow skin, bronze curls with red highlights that bounced all the way down to her mid back, she has a bright ruby red colored eyes.I couldn't see how tall she was, do to the fact she was laying down.

Another scent hit us,down the alley was a tall,about 5'5, girl with stunning features, olive toned skin, long chocolate colored hair with caramel tips and an astonishing golden color of eyes.

"Luna...she's become a...vegetarian!" Alec hissed in disbelieve.

"We must consult this with Aro."I stated.

~Mackenzie's P.O.V~

"What kind of powers do you have Luna, if you don't mind me asking?"I asked...again my curiosity gets the best of me.

"Well I have mind projection, I've meet others with almost the same power but no one with the exact same, I'm allowed to show anyone what I want without the necessity of doing physical contact,i can make them teleport to that whole new other world I built.... I can also levitate objects with my mind witch is awesome because very few come with an extra power.What about you, what powers do you have?"She asked looking up at me,as we walked at human pace to her home.

"Well I have telekinesis molecular, it allows me to build up a mental power such as mind reading, shield projection and much more but I haven't learned to use that side of my power, I usually use it's dark side, were I'm allowed to rip something into pieces until there only a part of the thin air..."I said in low raspy voice before pausing.

"I also have an extra power but it's nothing compared to yours,I have the ability to bend fire witch is cool but not as cool yours."I said frowning...did anyone notice how many time I used cool,I need to find a better word -.-

"That's so awesome you have a very powerful power there,telekinesis molecular...just wow I'm jealous but wait why don't you try to develop the good side of your power?"Luna asked much to my dismay.

I didn't want to tell her my dark past or present, and possibly future.

"Well...I...I don't know,I guess laziness took over?"I said making the last part sound more like a question than an excuse.

"Hmm"She looked at me as if trying to see if I was speaking the truth or lying my guts out.

She stayed quite for a bit before opening her mouth then closing it, she did this a couple of times making the girl look like a fish.

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