Fell In Love With My Bestfriend

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years later...

as delilah ran up to milo, she lifted her up and held her, resting on her hip.

"mommy, what we do today?" she asked, milo smiled and looked down.
"you'll see soon. your aunt's gonna take you okay?"
"avani!" she yelled excitedly before being set down and running over to avani.

she wrapped her arms around her legs, consideringnhow short the two of them were. milo watched with a smile played across her lips.

"hey beautiful" vinnie said while walking past and kissing her forehead.
"delilah's with avani?"
"didnt you hear her scream?" milo asked as they both laughed before he sat down next to her.
"whatcha thinking about?"
"nothing really"
"welp remember when delilah said her first curse word?"
"that was because of you, hacker"
"what can i say, shes a quick learner"
"shut up. your lucky she didnt drop the f bomb or i would have beat your ass"
"hey stop swearing"
"shes not even around. even if she was, shes probably paying attention to avani and amelie"
"maybe shes gonna grow up to do clown makeup like avani"
"im sure avani would die"
"remember when avani did clown makeup and came downstairs. that shit was so funny when delilah peed on the floor" he said while laughing loudly.
"yeah cause she was scared and you made me clean it up!"
"i've never cleaned up my daughters pee though!"
"neither have i! you act like she just walks around the house and pops a squat then boom. she just pees on the floor"
"maybe she does"
"then she's definitely your daughter"
"just be grateful you dont have to clean up mollie's shit. its like a fucking rock" he said as their dog ran over.
"i do sometimes!"
"when she peed in our bed"
"yeah you blamed that on me!"
"it seemed like something you would do!"

they both laughed before he wrapped his arms around her waist. she leaned in to place her head on his shoulder and just sat there in silence. it wasnt awkward but more comfortable and calming.

"whats up fuckers" anthony announced while walking through the doors while doing a weird spin.
"see, this is why delilah knows curse words" milo sighed.
"bruh, i've heard you curse around her before. besides she all the way upstairs with the door closed"
"how would you know that? are you stalking us?" he asked jokingly.
"maybe cause my girlfriend is up there"

anthony walked up the stairs to greet avani and delilah while vinnie picked milo up and placed her on the couch.

"you need a break" he said.
"why is that?"
"your always taking care of her"
"no true, i sleep when your watching her"
"shut up and let me cuddle you"

he layed next to her and dug his head into her neck. they laid like this for a few minutes until a toddlers cry was heard.

"and thats my queue" she said while trying to get up.
"no no, let avani take care of it. theres three of them up there, if you can do it alone then one of them will do it" he argued before pulling her back down.

she hesitantly nodded before placing her head on his chest and wrapping her arms around him. he soothingly ran his hands through her hair until the small toddler jumped on top of them.

"can we play?" she asked.

vinnie slyly rolled off the couch and stood up then picked his daughter up.

"how bout we let her sleep, and i'll go play?" he asked while getting ready to tickle her.

she nodded as he leaned down to kiss milo's forehead then run off with delilah. sleep found milo quickly to make up for the sleepless nights of having a crying toddler.

when she woke up, she was in her bed with vinnie laying beside her and delilah in between them. they were both sleeping.

this was her family. most people would think its not very functional or practical but this was her life.

this is her small, happy family.

its over 🥺

its been such a long road and thank you guys for 200k reads ❤️ this was my first real story that got over 100k and i honestly thought it would do horrible when i first wrote it. i love you all and thanks for everything


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